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  • This interactive way of learning will allow you to remember and recall what I'm going to be revealing to you in this video...

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Fill out the answers below as the training goes: 

(You'll be needing these notes after the training)

Secret #1 – Why is High-Ticket Dropshipping is not only easier, but more profitable and less of a hassle than Low-Ticket Dropshipping? (most people are dropshipping completely wrong)

Secret #2 – Why dropshipping from Amazon, Ebay, or China is a terrible idea – and why doing this could potentially wipe out your business in the future

(hint: this is why even Amazon FBA owners use Shopify to sell their products as a safeguard)

Secret #3 – What's the best way to fulfill orders? (if you get this wrong, you could lose lots of time and thousands of dollars) hint: it's not Oberlo

Secret #4 – In just 3 years, I was able to turn a $29 investment into $__,____,___ … with absolutely 0 prior experience.

(This just shows you what's possible. In fact, I've had students who have done this in Β½ the time with the information I've taught them.)

Secret #5 – The 4 Insider 7-Figure Secrets from 13+ Years  Experience and $5,000,000 worth of Investments (fill in what the 4 secrets are)

Insider Secret #1 -

Insider Secret #2 -

Insider Secret #3 -

Insider Secret #4 -

Secret #6 – What suppliers do you need to avoid to make sure that you don't have to pay ridiculous monthly fees... and avoid having a huge cut of your profits snagged away from under your nose?

Secret #7 – How to easily come up with a "treasure trove" of HIGHLY profitable products ideas in literally less 5 minutes.

Secret #8 – Step #1 of the 4 Step Qualifier Test to verify you can sell a product for $300+ or more.

Secret #9 – Step #2 of the 4 Step Qualifier Test that you can use to ENSURE that the product you plan to sell isn't too saturated

Secret #10 – Step #3 of the 4 Step Qualifier Test to make sure that your product will sell ALL-Year-Round

(not doing this will lead to seasons of "dry-spells where your sales will plummet)

Secret #11 – Step #4 of the 4 Step Qualifier Test to be SURE that your product is actually in demand and people are actually looking to buy it?

(if you don't do this, your store launch will absolutely flop)

Secret #12 – What are the 3 Secret (FREE) Tools that you can use today to verify that a product is PROVEN to sell

(these are tools you can use right after this Masterclass is over)

Secret #13 – How many searches should a product have each month for you to verify that it's a "high in-demand product" all year round? 

Secret #14 – How to invest SMALL amount of time and money and create HUGE returns? 

Secret #15 – Is it really possible for you to automate this type of business and work only 15-30 minutes a day?

(I'll be revealing the truth about this topic and what I've done.)

Secret #16 – The 7-Step Checklist I've used over and over again, over the past 13 years, to create multiple 7 and 8-figures highly profitable stores, without fail.

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 -

7 -

Secret #17 – The secret weapon of ALL 7-Figure Dropshippers that allows them to multiply their sales with 0 extra work, and get the highest amount of profitably with little time investment.

Secret #18 – What is "LVO" and what are the 4-Steps of LVO to multiply your revenue without any extra ad spend?

Secret #19 – The #1 email template I use to make more $$ from a customer with 0 additional cost? (literally adds hundreds to a customer's average lifetime value...)

Secret #20 –  The secret method I use to get a bunch profitable "upsell" ideas.

Secret #21 –  My method to add extra $$$ to your customer's orders with an "intangible item"…?

Secret #22 –  What's the #1 reason why MANY succeed with dropshipping... and why some give up and fail?

Secret #23 –  What is my 4-Step Funnel for getting High-Ticket Sales for as much as $1,000+ an order?

Secret #24 –  How to build a store online that instantly demands trust, credibility and give people a feeling that it's 110% safe to buy from your website? 

Secret #25 –  Why is making $1,000,000 a year is actually easier than you think... even if you're a full-time student, mom of 2 newborns AND have a full-time job where you have to travel. 

Secret #26 –  You don't need ALL the traffic in the world... you just need _______________ !

Secret #27 –  You only need ______ visitors to your website a day, to have a 7-figure online business (that eventually can be run with just 15-30 minutes a day).

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