How a family man from Australia found success with DSL and quit his 9 to 5 to spend more time with his wife and daughter while traveling the world.

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Abo​​​​​ut Matt

Years ago, Matt was inspired by the 4-Hour Work Week To Build a muse that could replace the income from his 9-5 job.

How He Used Drop Ship Lifestyle

He learned how to leverage drop shipping to build a highly profitable, semi-automated business that can be run from anywhere in the world


With the new income from his drop shipping store, Matt was able to leave his job and take his wife and daughter to Thailand & Bali for a 6 month mini-retirement.

How a family man from Australia found success with DSL and quit his 9 to 5 to spend more time with his wife and daughter while traveling the world.

As Told By Matt:

How to quit your job and move to Thailand with a family...

Building a business for the first time is a fantastic achievement. Seeing the notification of your first sale is truly something special. I’ve still got my screenshot saved of the first sale I even made!

I’d be willing to bet though that making just one sale from your drop shipping business isn’t your end goal.

As humans, we’re always searching for what’s next. Once you reach your goal of making your first sale you subconsciously start working toward your second sale and beyond.

So, how do you go from ticking ‘done’ on your list of early goals to ticking ‘done’ on your really big goal? The goal that your ‘why’ is built upon. This was a question I was struggling to find the answer to.

Building a strong foundation

Personally, I consider myself as a realist. A few years ago I had read the infamous book The 4 Hour Work Week and had taken the action task of creating my Dreamline. This is a goal setting exercise that Tim Ferriss, the author of the Four Hour Work Week, teaches in his book. It demonstrates how to set short and long term goals and more importantly, what you need to do to achieve them.

In my Dreamline, I always struggled to believe that I could reach my long term goal of quitting my job. Achieving what Tim calls ‘a lifestyle by design’. There was just something in my brain that couldn’t fathom how I could make my dream of changing my whole life a reality. I only knew of the big famous guys like Pat Flynn and Tim Ferriss who had actually achieved what I wanted to do. Plus, when I shared my ambitions with family and friends, it was like I was telling them I’m going to invent hyperspace travel!

The turning point for me finally came. I didn’t even realize it at the time but breaking big goals into small, achievable, and actionable goals was exactly what I needed. I tricked my brain into believing that I was only ever working to achieve the smaller short term goal and to forget about the bigger long term goal. This really helped the rational side of my brain to work constructively and help build a plan.

My goals were now far simpler; they were small, actionable tasks that my mind could see rationally. Because of this, I was able to actively work on achieving these small goals each day.

I started changing and working on one small thing at a time. I began listening to audiobooks in the car on my daily commute with a goal to listen to a book each day for as long as I could. A year later I had read almost 25 books!

I also cut down on going out with friends as much, drinking alcohol and watching news programs. I began eating a proper diet, meditating, practicing yoga, and working on my business each morning before I went off to my day job.

It didn’t take long before the compound effect took place. I started to see that my big goal of quitting my job and moving to Thailand was actually achievable.

Making the jump from working a 9-5 to working for yourself

Making the jump from working a 9-5 job to working for yourself isn’t easy. Being prepared is paramount to ensuring that it works out. If you’re single and living at home with your parents then the jump may not be so difficult. However, if you’re in a situation like I was with a family to support and a mortgage to pay then it can be far more complicated.

Crunching the numbers

You first need to know what your business needs to be making before to sustain your current lifestyle. For most people, it’s as simple as consistently making as much money as they’re currently making in their job. I calculated that I’d be able to leave my job far sooner if I was able to lower my cost of living by relocating to Thailand.

Know where you want to go and know it well

A few years ago we had visited Thailand for a friend’s wedding and fell in love. The people, climate, landscape, and culture were just beautiful. Before then, we’d never really considered traveling to Asia. We felt that Australia was such a vast and beautiful place, we’d just spend our holidays here. But after tasting what this beautiful country had to offer we knew that we wanted more! (I actually joked while we were in Thailand at the time that I’d one day retire there!)

On top of loving my visit to Thailand, I had friends that were living or had lived there. I spoke to each of them about what I was considering. I was even able to get in touch with families that had kids like us who were living there in Thailand. We spoke about Visas, places to stay, the climate, things to do for kids, where the best place to live would be for us, where to work, and so on.

I discovered a great book called ‘The Nomadic Guide to Chiang Mai’. It covers in extreme depth everything you need to know about living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I also reached out to the author via email who was able to comment on other concerns of ours such as the recent passing of the King.

After months of research, I was confident that Chiang Mai, Thailand was a suitable place for us to move to.

Consider others

My family knew that my goal for a long time now was to leave my job and work for myself. My wife and I would talk regularly about our future possibilities and where we were headed as a family. Now that I knew I could leave my job if we relocated, we needed to discuss how it would affect us and our daughter.

Together we made a plan of where we wanted to get to and how we’d get there.

We decided on spending 6 – 12 months abroad. Living in Chiang Mai and Bali as we’d also been there before and loved it just as much.

Know the what if’s

Although we had worked out that we could sustain a comfortable level of living in Thailand and Bali we needed to know what we’d do if something went wrong.

  • What would we do if my business failed?
  • What would we do if we needed to come home for a funeral?
  • What would we do if we got there and didn’t like it?

We discussed all the scenarios and agreed on actions we’d take if our plans didn’t work as we’d expected.

Take action

We had a mammoth task ahead of us and our list of to-dos was huge. But by breaking it down into smaller bite-sized tasks we were able to rationalize what needed to be done. Also, we put a timeframe on how long it’d all take us to complete.

Now that we had a game plan it was time to start putting it to action. The day had finally come where I was able to hand in my notice at my 9-5 job. As it turns out, the day I quit fell on my 30th birthday – what a feeling!

After 10 years of accumulating furniture, clothing, and everything in between we had a whole lot of ‘stuff’ to sort through. We held a 2-day garage sale to sell most of it. We also used Facebook to advertise and sell to our network of friends. We kept only what we really needed.

Our timing couldn’t have been better for selling our house. The market was at a high and our area was experiencing a real estate boom. Knowing this, we decided to do some cosmetic renovations to the house. We applied new painting, flooring, and staged furniture to maximize the sale value of our home. It sold in just 5 days on the market.

The journey is the destination

As I write this article my family and I are just 10 short days from boarding a plane and moving our lives to a different continent. We’re all excited and a little nervous for what the future will bring for us. It’s a fantastic feeling – it feels like I’m truly living life, not just letting it pass by.

I’ve set new big goals for myself. One goal is being able to buy a house outright without a mortgage when we come back to Australia. Another is to start a family business together with my wife, Amy.

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