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"A Month Ago I Hit 6 Figures in Sales!"

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Josh & Iria

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"If We Want To Live Somewhere For A Month or Two We Just Do It!"

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"No prior experience and growing it to a million dollars within the first year."

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"It's really cool. This was one of the best thing I've ever invested in."

eCommerce Is Trending Up!

By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce!

You’re not starting late; you’re getting in early!

The Proof?

Check Out the Results From Drop Ship Lifestyle Students!

“This Course Has Literally Changed My Life”


Name: Jeff
Location: United States
“I was working a full time, 70 hours a week job when I created my first drop shipping store four years ago. Within two months, I made my first sale. Now, I just launched my second store, and is close to averaging $43K a month, while quickly approaching the $100K milestone.”

“I Would Never Have Been Able To Get This Far Without DSL”


Name: Thomas
Location: United States
“Yesterday, I opened my google ads account, I do not have a business background and have a basic computer and internet skills, I would never have been able to get this far without DSL and all the members of this awesome community. Thank you all and best wishes to everyone!”

“That’s How It Got Started, By Taking The Leap”


Name: Vincent
Location: Canada
“At that time I was skeptical because I don’t know what drop shipping is all about but one day I decided to give it a shot and that’s how it got started”

Meet Your Instructor

Drop Ship Lifestyle Founder, Anton Kraly

This Millenial Created A $1M,
Ultra Lean Business While
Travelling Abroad

Anton Can Help You Do This Too

My name is Anton Kraly and I’m the creator of Drop Ship Lifestyle. 

After graduating from college in 2006, I wanted to become my own boss, make millions, travel the world, and retire young, but I was lost. Until I discovered eCommerce, which changed everything!

With a basic understanding of eCommerce, $29, and a dream, I launched my first online store! In the first year alone, it did $680,000 in sales. By year two, my store did $1,200,000 in sales, and in year three, it did $1,800,000 in sales!

In 2013, I realized that what I had created was bigger than myself. Through Drop Ship Lifestyle, I began creating step-by-step online courses to share my secret strategies with anyone looking to achieve extraordinary results in business and in life.

Since then, our community has grown to more than 10,000 members from over 30 countries.

Anton’s Proven System Has Helped Over 10,000+ Dropshippers!

The #1 eCommerce Training Course

Join over 10,000 students from around the world in the #1 eCommerce Course in the industry.

Voted Best eCommerce Course By Shopify

Don’t just take our word for it. Shopify voted us the #1 eCommerce training program in the world. We’re the only company they’ve ever given that award to.

Here’s What You Get When You Join Today:

The Drop Ship Blueprint

The Drop Ship Blueprint is the proven, award-winning system that will help take you from ZERO to successful business owner in 21 days or less!

It doesn’t matter if you’re not “tech savvy” or don’t have previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

It comprises over 118 premium on-demand video lessons with worksheets and notes to take you step-by-step through the same processes we use to build highly profitable, semi-automated online stores.

Here’s What’s Inside the Blueprint:

  • Introduction: Start Here
    6 Lessons
    • This introductory section is designed to get new students set up to get the best results from the Drop Ship Blueprint.
    • Overview Lessons
      Welcome To The Drop Ship Blueprint (Start Here)
      How To Join Our Private Communities
      Drop Ship Lifestyle: Code of Ethics
      Monthly Coaching Calls With Anton
      Mindset (Use This For Best Results)
      The Drop Ship Blueprint Checklist
  • Module 0: Overview
    6 Lessons
    • An overview of the world of eCommerce, online business, and lifestyle design. Watch these videos before proceeding with Module 1.
    • Overview Lessons
      The Drop Ship Blueprint (Big Picture Overview)
      Foundations of eCommerce (Key Terms & How We Make Money)
      Business Formation (Sole Proprietor vs. LLC vs. S-Corp)
      Business Bank Accounts
      Credit Card Recommendations
      Taxes (Business And Personal)
  • Module 1: Niche Selection
    10 Lessons
    • In Module 1, you will learn how to identify "dropship friendly" niches. We dive straight into product selection training and if you're a first time entrepreneur, I'd recommend completing our Mindset Course before diving into the training. The bonus Mindset Course will help you to figure out your "why" and give you the motivation needed to successfully complete the Blueprint!
    • Niche Selection Lessons
      Introduction to Niche Selection
      Pricing Criteria
      Product Size, Weight and Profit
      Target Market
      Brand Loyalty
      Passion vs. Profit
      Examples of Good and Bad Niches
      Common Questions
      Niche Selection Action Tasks
  • Module 2: Market Research
    11 Lessons
    • In Module 2, you will learn how to vet different niche ideas and how to choose a winner. You will also learn how to extract suppliers from your "future competitors".
    • Market Research Lessons
      Introduction to Market Research
      Locating Price Points and Calculating Profits
      Tracking Niche Demand
      The Evergreen Test
      The Demographics Test
      The Brand Loyalty Test
      "Dropship Friendly" Niches
      Creating Your "Future Competitors" Master List
      Extracting Suppliers for Your Master List
      How Much Competition is too Much Competition?
      Market Research Action Tasks
  • Module 3: Create Your Website
    12 Lessons
    • In Module 3, you will get access to the Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify Theme and learn how to build a gorgeous, highly converting store. Even if you have no prior experience with web design or "tech stuff".
    • Web Design Lessons
      Introduction to Creating Your Store
      Intro to Shopify + Theme Download
      Domain Names
      Creating Collections
      Uploading Products
      Adding Pages and Blog Posts
      Creating Navigations
      Shopify Settings
      Theme Customizations
      Discount Codes
      Shopify Apps
      Creating Your Store Action Tasks
  • Module 4: Get Dropshippers
    12 Lessons
    • In Module 4, you will learn how to segment suppliers in your industry into Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers. You also get our exact phone and email scripts to use when reaching out to suppliers for approval.
    • Supplier Lessons
      Introduction to Getting Suppliers
      Gold, Silver, and Bronze Suppliers
      Dropship Supplier Research
      Trust is Everything
      Good vs. Bad Stores
      Business Email Account Creation And Setup
      Business Phone Number Creation And Setup
      Get a Business Address
      Phone and Email Scripts
      Supplier FAQs (What They Ask)
      Supplier Relationships (Terms, Pricing, Exclusivity, and More)
      Getting Suppliers Action Tasks
  • Module 5: Optimize for Conversions
    16 Lessons
    • In Module 5, you will get our top techniques for increasing conversion rates in our stores. We "Optimize For Conversions" before turning on traffic. This is how we can get the best possible ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).
    • Optimizing for Conversions Lessons
      Introduction to Optimizing for Conversions
      Creating Urgency
      Content Templates and the Perfect Product Page
      Getting Reviews
      Social Media and Creating Social Proof
      Influence Prospects With Social Proof
      Collect Emails (Account Creation & Setup)
      Bounced Visits
      Abandoned Carts
      Creating Bonus Offers
      Exploit Their Weakness
      Usability Over Design
      Accept Financing
      Talk To Your Shoppers
      Ethically Spy on Your Visitors
      Optimizing for Conversions Action Tasks
  • Module 6: Get Traffic
    29 Lessons
    • In Module 6, it's time to bring on the buyers! The overarching lesson in this module is that you don't need all the traffic in the world, you only need the BEST traffic.... That means people who are ready to buy. In this module, you will discover our top traffic sources and learn how to set up them for your own store so that you can get traffic (and buyers) on your site fast.
    • Getting Traffic Lessons
      Introduction to Getting Traffic
      Feeding The Machine: Your eCom Sales Funnel
      Compliance Checklist (Add This To Your Store)
      Google Ads 101: What Are They & How Do They Work?
      Google Analytics Account Creation & Setup
      Google Search Console Account Creation & Setup
      Google Ads Account Creation & Setup
      Create Audiences For Google Ads
      Google Merchant Center Account Creation & Setup
      Submit Your Products To Google Merchant Center
      Create Your Google Shopping Campaigns
      Create Your Google Remarketing Campaign
      Google Ads Campaign Optimization Tips
      Microsoft Advertising 101
      Bing Webmaster Tools Account Creation & Setup
      Microsoft Advertising Account Creation & Setup
      Microsoft Merchant Center Store Account Creation & Setup
      Submit Your Products To Microsoft Merchant Center
      Create Your Bing Shopping Campaigns
      Facebook Ads 101
      Facebook Ads Account Creation & Setup
      Connect Your Store To Facebook Ads
      Create Audiences For Facebook Ads
      Create Your Facebook Remarketing Campaign
      Search Engine Domination
      Transferred Influence & The Dream 100
      The Hour Glass Funnel
      Creating Promotions
      Getting Traffic Actions Tasks
  • Module 7: Outsourcing and Automation
    14 Lessons
    • In Module 7, you will learn how to outsource and automate most of the day-to-days required to run a highly profitable dropship store.
    • Outsourcing and Automation Lessons
      Introduction To Outsourcing And Automation
      When And Why To Automate
      Automated Order Processing
      Your Automation Toolkit
      Abandoned Cart Automation
      Google Sheets Automation
      Order Tracking And Reviews Automation
      Custom Order Automation
      Content Distribution Automation
      Profit Tracking Automation
      When And Why To Outsource
      Where to Hire Talent
      Standard Operating Procedures and Downloads
      Outsourcing and Automation Action Tasks

The Drop Ship Blueprint Is The Core Of The Coaching Program, But You're Going To Get Much More To Make Sure You Have The Highest Probability Of Success.

Enroll At The Bottom Of This Page & You Will Also Get:

21 Day Zero-To-Launch Plan

($997 Value)

Launch your new store FAST with the exact step-by-step system that shows you how to go from having zero idea about building a profitable dropship store, to launching in 21 days.

Niche Research Software, Supplier Directory & Shopify Theme

($1997 Value)

Get lifetime access to our Niche Research Software, Anton’s Personal Supplier Directory, and our Brand New Shopify Theme: Manhattan.

Personalized Niche Selection Verification

($997 Value)

Don’t waste your time trying to sell products no one wants to buy! We’ll verify that your niche is a winner to help guarantee your success!

Access To The Drop Ship Lifestyle Discord Community

($2997 Value)

AI has been a game-changer over the past year, and knowing how to use it correctly is a must in 2024. In the AI for eCommerce Upgrade, you will learn how to use AI for email, social media, marketing, web design, and more!

Plus Lifetime Access (INCLUDING UPDATES)

When you join Drop Ship Blueprint, you’ll get instant access to the #1 eCommerce training in the world. Everything is unlocked instantly. Start watching our HD videos or reading the transcripts with lifetime access that can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world, anytime you like. We update the Drop Ship Blueprint multiple times per year and you get these updates free for life.

Save $2500 Today, And You’ll Also Receive These
FREE Fast Action Bonuses:

Fast Action Bonus #1

Supplementary On-Demand Training ($3000 Value)

Over 100 additional premium lessons, so you’ll never have to buy another course! These bonus courses include our Advanced Google Ads for eCommerce Course, our Doing Business Abroad Course, and our Selling Your Store Course.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Every Single Retreat Recording, Ever ($3,000 Value)

From Thailand to Hawaii, Mexico, Bali, Prague, Portugal, Vietnam, and beyond – each year, we host a Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat where expert speakers share a “behind the scenes” look into their high-ticket dropshipping stores. When you enroll on this page, you will get every single retreat recording, ever.

Fast Action Bonus #3

LIFETIME ACCESS To Monthly Coaching Calls & Recordings (PRICELESS)

AI has been a game-changer over the past year, and knowing how to use it correctly is a must in 2024. In the AI for eCommerce Upgrade, you will learn how to use AI for email, social media, marketing, web design, and more!

Join Now Risk Free With Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Have a question about the program? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers:

There is a lot of information that goes into picking a good niche. If you pick one from a list or what you believe is trendy, you may make a quick buck but you will not build a lasting business. In Module 1 and 2 of the Drop Ship Blueprint, I'll go into detail on the exact criteria a profitable niche needs, how to validate it with market research, and explain how to know a niche is a dud before you waste effort on it. Don't worry too much about picking your niche. Join, and then we will figure that out together. We have a complete process for this.

This goes hand in hand with picking a good niche. During your market research I'll show you how I find dozens (or even hundreds) of suppliers that will work with me before I invest even a dollar into the business. The suppliers I find are high quality, domestic suppliers that want to promote my store just as much as I promote them.

We have tens of thousands of students in Australia, Canada, America, United Kingdom, all over Europe, South America, and more. Our students are from over 30 countries around the world and this program has been proven to work worldwide.

Yes, for US students we can offer you PaPpal financing. You can apply for it by clicking the blue Join Drop Ship Lifestyle button. If you don't qualify for PayPal financing, or are outside of the US, we can offer you split payments over multiple credit cards. This is not a payment plan and the full price of the course is due before access is granted. If you would like to split your payment over multiple credit cards, please email [email protected] and they will set this up for you.

Yes it will work for you. In fact, some of our most successful students had full-time jobs, have families, long commutes and hardly any free time. The system is designed so that you can work through it even if you have very limited time. It doesn't matter what your schedule is like, if you can set a few hours aside per week, you will be able to work your way through it. Even if you can't start right away, reserve your spot and go at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the entire Drop Ship Blueprint as well as all future updates. You can login whenever you want, on your own time, and work at your own pace.

That really depends on you and the amount of effort you put in. We have students who start getting sales in as little as two weeks, and others that take months before they even start the training. If you purchase this today, you'll get instant access to the 21 Day Launch Plan. This plan is designed to get you up and profitable QUICK.

Firstly, it will. If you're willing to put in the time and effort, I am 100% confident that you will be successful. With that being said, I have a philosophy in my business that if I can't make you money, I don't deserve any of yours. That is why I offer a complete money back guarantee. If you follow the system, put in the work, and don't see results, I will give you back 100% of your money. You can check out the full refund policy in the footer of this page.

There is a reason Shopify awarded us the #1 eCommerce training program in the world. When you join Drop Ship Lifestyle, you'll get the exact system that countless students have taken to build six and seven figure a year businesses. You'll have the exact same information and opportunities that those students have.

Now you have a choice to make…

You can either continue on the path you’re on now…

Trying to figure this out on your own, in your limited “free time” by watching random videos on YouTube…

Jumping from idea to idea, working all the time but never actually getting anything done…

Or you can make the initial upfront investment and finally get your business off the ground…

With a proven system that has worked for 10,000+ students before you! Creating the life of your dreams is possible thanks to Drop Ship Blueprint!

10,000+ Students

  • Drop Ship Blueprint w/118+ On Demand Lessons
  • 21 Day Zero-To-Launch Plan
  • Research Software Theme
  • Drop Ship Supplier Directory
  • Niche Selection Verification
  • Discord Community
  • AI For eCommerce Upgrade
  • Bonus 1: Supplementary On Demand Training
  • Bonus 2: Private Mastermind Recordings
  • Bonus 3: Live Coaching Calls w/Anton For Life!