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"Since 2013, Drop Ship Lifestyle has focused on one thing—helping people create freedom through entrepreneurship.

11,000+ students from over 50 countries later, and we’re just getting warmed up!

Want to know if the award-winning Drop Ship Blueprint training course will work for you too?

Check out our list of 70 Drop Ship Lifestyle Reviews from real people who’ve been through our course and put our training into practice, and decide for yourself! "

REAL Drop Ship Lifestyle Reviews from REAL Students


How To Start & Grow A "Hyper-Profitable" Online Store Without Needing Inventory Or Existing Marketing Experience...


"A Month Ago I Hit 6 Figures in Sales!"

Josh & Iria

"If We Want To Live Somewhere For A Month or Two We Just Do It!"


"No prior experience and growing it to a million dollars within the first year."


"Best thing I've ever invested in."


"If you follow the steps, you are on the right track to be successful"


"I realized if I keep working for other people, It will be a waste of my life."

"I have a very demanding job and coming home and still be able to hop in to the computer and learn the modules. If one thing wont work well, I just go back and try them again."


"I signed-up for the course and I find them really amazing and I think it also depends on that level of maturity to really be able to take advantage of those opportunities."



"From $200 to $100,000 in the bank!"


"This course has literally changed my life. This system works."


"Now I'm able to plan for my future."


"We are happier than we have ever been."


"You don't need anything else. Everything is there."


"You are meant to make your own steps."

"I really believe that this is going to be the ultimate step, the very best first step anyone can do. Luckily, I found Drop Ship Lifestyle and I dedicated a full two months to it, I went from having $200 in my bank account to having, for the first time in my life, $100,000. And it's one of those things that I never thought was possible."

Johnny FD

"When I first joined, I was a little bit nervous. Because I had no experience at all, whatsoever, with drop shipping or eCommerce. But every single video was so thorough, and so detailed."



"A sense of pride I can't even explain."


"Little Did I Know Signing Up For The Course Has Changed My Life"


"To Get To That Level It Takes Experience"


"I Have Been Already More Fulfilled"


"The More You Put Into It, The More You Learn. The Better Results."


"I Board In And Never Looked Back From There"

"In March of this Year, I hit 6-figures in sales. And I've done that working from this office (my couch) and while looking after my 3 kids."


"The things I really like about DSL is the lifestyle that it allows us to live. 2 weeks ago we were down on a beach in Texas. And then we went to Omaha, Nebraska, spent a few weeks there. We went over to Chicago. I mean, we just kind of go wherever we want."

Josh & Iria


"Get Comfortable With What Works For You But That Comes With Experimentation And Experience"


"That's How It Got Started, By Taking The Leap"


"We Quit Our Jobs And Travel The World"

Johnny FD

"From $200 to $100,00 In The Bank!"


"One Of The Best Choices I've Ever Made!"


"It Changed My Life Completely"

"I went from the London 9-to-5 corporate world to achieving location independence and starting a drop shipping business from scratch, with no prior experience and growing it to a million dollars within the first year."


"I really love Drop Ship Lifestyle for this. Really it's given me the freedom and the lifestyle that I can choose. I tried a bunch of different internet marketing models online but none of them really worked out for me. Because I lacked the skills and just general knowledge of how sales and marketing really works online. And Drop Ship Lifestyle has really taught me that."



"More Profit In 2 Months Than Previous 2 Years"


"Couldn't Have Done It Without Drop Ship Lifestyle"


"Well Over $10k In Sales!"


"I Created Something!"


"My Life Definitely Improved!"

Robb G

"It's Going To Change Your Life, It's Changing Mine!"

"Sometimes there's so many different choices out there, and what to do, what not to do. But I've found that Anton's course has been so easy to understand and to implement."

Robb G

"I joined because I could see that this was a business that you could get up and running relatively quickly. I'm a husband and father, and I don't have a lot of time to spend on building my business. I have a couple hours at night, max, during the week."


Jamal W

"I Have Control In A Way I've Never Experienced Before"

Michael M

"Just Put In My 2 Weeks Notice!"

Michael C

"$5,000/month From One Store!"


"Definitely Worth It"


"It's Been A Tremendous Value"


"Definitely Worth My Time"

"I've upped my money. Instead of depending on my job to give me a raise, I've given myself my own raise."

Dexter C

"Lot of work, there is a lot of work. But, as well there should be. Nothing's easy. You have to work at it. You have to build a business. This is a business. This is not get-rich-quick."

John C.


"The 4 Days Retreat Is Absolutely Mind Blowing"


"The Sales Just Keep Coming. It's Been Amazing"


"I Realized What I Was Earning And Spending Just Wasn't Going To Work"


"Go through it step-by-step and not try to rush it"


"The Retreat Was Great"


"It Just Makes Sense"

"But what's really cool about the Drop Ship Lifestyle course is that it's a roadmap. It will save you a ton of time. This is like the meat and potatoes of how to set up a drop shipping store."


"I now have this legitimate business that I could pretty much run from anywhere. And it's making money for me. And this is the best feeling. That my income is no longer capped. And the harder I work, the more money I make."



"I Feel Like A Tree Just Growing And Growing"


"Overall Winning It"

Kate Kim

"Really Good Information"


"These Speakers Are Dropping Knowledge Bombs All Over The Place"


"Learned And Done A Lot"

Nate G

"Incredible Resource"

"It wasn't a get-rich-quick scheme, it was something where if you put in the work, the rewards will come back."


"The one piece of advice I could give you is, trust in the system. This. System. Works."



"One Of The Best Investments I've Ever Made"


"Really Inspiring And Really Motivating"


"Couldn't Be Any Happier"


"It Really Make Sense To Me I'm Really Learning Something Out Of It."


"I Was So Happy And Motivated When Things Finally Happened"

Zaine M

"So Far It Made Me Go From Being Doubtful To Being What I Am Now"

"If you're going to do a course, you want to learn from the best and these guys really are."


"You don't need anything else. Everything is there, if you just pay attention to what's there and follow-through, you'll do a great job."


Sean L

"If I Can Do It, Anyone Can"

Jose V

"I Now Have A Legitimate Business That I Could Run From Anywhere"

John C

"Drop Ship Lifestyle Is A Beautiful Program"


"Absolutely Blown Away"

Stephanie F

"If I Can Do It, Anyone Can"

Thomas P

"Now I'm An Entrepreneur And Excited For The Future"

"The Online Forum is a great resource. Having the support of a network and a community is huge for me. It's so nice for me to know that if I have a problem or a question there will be people that are willing to help me that have gone before me and have been successful."


"A drop shipping community where I could tap into a wealth of knowledge and interact with others who were getting started just like me was pretty much a no-brainer."


Dexter C

"Instead Of Depending On My Job To Give Me A Raise I Give My Own Raise"


"I Got Helpful Answers Really Fast"

Sherica V

"I Found Mentorship In Drop Ship Lifestyle"


"The Community And Training Is Second To None"


"I Would Never Have Been Able To Get This Far Without DSL"


"Sales Came In Within A Day Or Two"

"With Drop Ship Lifestyle, the community is so supportive and there are so many resources, it just feels like you almost can't lose."


"In regards to the Drop Ship Lifestyle community and the training, it is absolutely wonderful and really second to none. You know when I was really diving in and asking questions on the forums, even on the Facebook page, so many people were willing to help and willing to reply back in less than 24 hours."



"I Love The Support That I'm getting, All My Question's Are getting Answered"


"The Community Is So Supportive"

This Could Be Your Freedom