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Anton Kraly

Founder & CEO

Anton always knew he wanted to own his own business and travel the world. He graduated from college and bought a cookie delivery route in New York city as his first business endeavor. After quickly realizing there was a more efficient way to run a business, he brought his cookie route to the internet. Soon he perfected this middle-man method, called drop shipping. After retiring at the age of 26, Anton traveled the world and joined different entrepreneurial groups to pass the time. He was in awe of all the false information out there on how to drop ship profitably, and started helping others with drop shipping through different forums. Anton soon became inundated with private coaching requests, so decided to create a course that could help everyone. Thus, the creation of Drop Ship Lifestyle. Four years later, and Anton has taught over 5,500 people how to create their own, passive-income Drop Ship Lifestyle!

Thao Kraly

Queen of Misc.

 “I love to discover new places and their local food. I’m a big food lover. My favorite place that I’ve ever been to is Florence, Italy. We found a local restaurant that has the best cheese plate in the world. We were served super fresh buffalo mozzarella, provolone cheese with the authentic homemade parma ham and salami. They also had the sweetest summer cherry tomatoes on top of the most crusty pieces of bread toasted with tones of olive oils that formed an amazing bruschetta and all served with a bottle of the famous Tuscany red wine. What a divine experience!” 

Laura Kraly

Wizard of Web Design

“My favorite travel memory is swimming in the Ligurian Sea off the coast of Cinque Terre, Italy.  My mom, Anton, Thao, and I rented a small speed boat for the day in the town of Vernazza.  Our captain let us decide where we wanted to go and we went from town to town enjoying the view from the water.  We had a delicious Italian lunch while floating around Monterosso al Mare.  When we reached Riomaggiore it was almost 110 degrees out, so we stopped to drink some beers and swim in the bright blue water.  It was the most picturesque scene I’ve ever laid my eyes on and sharing it with my family made it a memory I will always cherish!”

Alison Smith

Marketing Warrior Princess

“Taroko National Park in Hualien, Taiwan is still one of my top most magical places on earth. Imagine motor biking through the Tunnel of Nine Turns in a breathtaking gorge, taking a hike up an overgrown path with monkeys passing overhead, to arrive at the top of the mountain and hear the chanting of Buddhist monks in the distance. Then following the chants by crossing a rickety, swaying wooden foot bridge between mountain peaks to get to the monastery in the distance. Upon arrival, you slip off your mud-caked shoes and enter the monk’s domain to gaze upon oversized gilded statues and breath in the misty mountain air mixed with potent incense. TLDR: Hualien, Taiwan was diggity dope.”

Bryan Culver

Storyteller Extraordinaire

“My favorite trip was traveling to Tokyo, Japan with my brother. The reason I loved it so much was because we didn’t plan anything. Instead, we picked popular prefectures (parts of the city) and went exploring. One of best memories from that trip was our visit to the Toyota museum. I don’t care that much for cars, but I was in luck because they had something far more interesting…ROBOTS! Long story short, I got to see a robot play the trumpet in Tokyo.”

Mark Hauser

Titan of Telephones

“We were serving at an orphanage in the Andes Mountains near Limatambo. During our free time we were able to do explore the area and hike. Off in distance on top of nearby mountain I noticed a Peruvian flag. I said to our group: “let’s go get a picture with that flag.” With the kids from orphanage as our tour guides, we crossed a river and teetered along a narrow pathway of a cliff hanging to reach the summit. The view from mountain top was breathtaking and we could see for miles. It was totally worth it.”

Caitlin Johnson

Countess of Content

“My favorite place in the world is Mexico City. You could go there a dozen times and still have a must-see list that is miles long.  Though, one of my most memorable experiences, and it’s not easy picking one, was when my traveling friends and I cruised down the Xochimilco Floating Gardens. We took four different modes of public transportation just to get across Mexico City and into the outskirts where the canals are hidden.
Once we arrived at the canal, we haggled the price to rent a brightly colored gondola from our soon-to-be captain.  When we all agreed on a price, buckets of beers were delivered to the boat and off we went. As my friends and I floated down the river, we ate on elote, drank pulque, and listened to mariachi bands floating down the canals with us.
It might not seem like the most daring or spiritual travel moment, but to me it will always stick out as the coolest. There’s no place else in the world that’s better to enjoy with friends than the Xochimilco Floating Gardens in Mexico City.”

Maggie Parsons

Director of Customer Happiness

“The summer before my Freshman Year in college I studied French in Paris. While there I traveled to Tremblay (a small village outside of Paris) to celebrate Bastille Day (French independence Day) with some family friends. That night at the center of the village they were throwing a “BBQ-type” celebration. At the beginning I was something of a celebrity because most of them had never met a Texan before and were convinced that we all rode horses everywhere. Before my ego could get too big from all the attention a handful of locals pointed out that I had a hole in the back of my britches. Being 18-years-old and still a little shy (not to mention extremely embarrassed) I was ready to run down the street faster than The Roadrunner being chased by The Coyote! Luckily, before I could move a muscle my host for the weekend Serge leaned over and said in his thick French accent, “Don’t worry about it, Magee… now you will always be remembered in our village as ‘The Texan with the hole in her shorts!'” I had to laugh and for the rest of the night I embraced the hole in my shorts as my legacy to the little village in the countryside of Paris (who to this day probably still doesn’t believe that we aren’t all obsessed with our cowboy hats and boots).”

Linh Hoang

Godess of Designee

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