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From: Anton Kraly

Wondering Why Drop Ship Lifestyle Is Closed?

Reason #1 

We needed time to host our 5th annual Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat!

2018 Retreat Monkey Forest

Some of the Drop Ship Lifestyle crew in Bali!

Reason #2 (The Main Reason) 

We need time to create the newest version of Drop Ship Lifestyle (which will be called DSL v7.0).

The truth is that drop shipping is still a great business model.  I believe it is the best way for anyone to create a highly profitable, semi-automated online business.  

That doesn't mean it will be easy... especially not when there is so much bad (and outdated) information out there...

My mission is to empower freedom through entrepreneurship.  

To accomplish this, I need to give you the best (and most up to date) resources to help guarantee your success. 

Right now we are: 

  • Creating New Versions Of The Training Videos That Make Up Our Award Winning Drop Ship Blueprint
  • Outlining a New Launch Plan To Make Sure No Student Gets Left Behind
  • Scheduling Live Coaching Calls For All Of 2019 To Make Sure No Question Goes Unanswered
  • Reviewing Over 500 Student Feedback Forms To Make Sure There Is Absolutely Nothing Missing From DSL v7.0
  • Rebuilding Our Members Area So That It Is Even Easier To Follow Our Training Programs

Once the work is done, version 7.0 will be ready and Drop Ship Lifestyle will be open for enrollment!

You've just opted in for the Wait List so I will email you as soon as that day comes.

In the meantime, I'd recommend checking out the official Drop Ship Lifestyle blog, and also listening in to my eCommerce Lifestyle Podcast.  Both will continue to be updated while we're closed.

I'll be in touch shortly.  If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to email [email protected]