How It All Began

Franchise Trade Show

The "Traditional" Path To Financial Freedom

Anton never thought that he would make money online.  While he was in college he thought maybe he would open a chain of restaurant franchises, he considered opening a new bar back in his hometown, he thought about starting an investment company and flipping houses, he even considered opening a gym.  These weren’t just “maybe one day I could do this” ideas, he was actually perusing them.  Anton was going to franchise trade shows, health and wellness seminars, taking real estate classes and regularly attending business networking groups.  He certainly had not chosen a clear path to take, but no one could say he wasn’t motivated.

Led To Indecision And Overwhelm 

After graduating from college in 2006 Anton was lost.  He had a big life plan wherein he would be his own boss, make millions, travel the world and retire young but he had NO CLUE how he was going to get there.  Overwhelmed and anxious, he began working a “normal” job to pay the bills but while making a decent salary he spent every free moment looking for a way out, a way to make it on his own.  This is when he first learned about eCommerce.   Anton committed himself 100% to learning about how to start an eCommerce business and to making it a massive success.

NYC Traffic

Which Created An Opportunity 

With nothing to lose and a basic knowledge of eCommerce, Anton launched his first eCommerce store in 2007 for a $29 investment.  With a commitment to himself to always be learning and to make this business model work,  Anton's first store did over $680,000 in sales the first year, over $1,200,000 the second year, and over $1,800,000 in year three.  Early success led to financial freedom but it also led to having to learn, optimize, and automate FAST.  

That Constructed The Blueprint

Building and growing dozens of eCommerce stores in multiple niches with thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of products is a challenge.  Especially when you don't have a proper system to follow.  This is what led Anton to originally create his 7-Step Drop Ship Blueprint.  These processes started as an internal document for his company to reference when researching new niches, doing market research, building stores, getting approved with suppliers, optimizing for conversion, getting traffic, and outsourcing and automating.  This streamlined approach to eCommerce lead to exponential growth and in In 2012, Anton began sharing this Blueprint with the world.

Which Started a Movement

In 2013 Anton realized what he created was bigger than himself.  Through he began creating step-by-step online courses that share his secret strategies with anyone who is looking to achieve extraordinary results in a short amount of time.  Since 2013 Drop Ship Lifestyle has helped over 5,832 students to start their own highly-profitable, semi-automated drop ship stores... and we're just getting started :)


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