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What is Drop Shipping?

After five years, the most common question I get in the comments of my blog, videos, and webinars will always be “What is drop shipping?”
To answer that question (in as much detail as possible) I have spent the last month creating the Ultimate Guide To Drop Shipping.

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2017: Year In Review

Travel, masterminds, speaking engagements, and a new baby boy… 2017 was the year of new experiences. Take a behind the scenes look at Drop Ship Lifestyle 2017 in this year in review to get pumped for drop shipping in 2018.

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Legal Considerations In Ecommerce

[Disclaimer: this post is not meant to be legal advice. The information presented here is solely for general information and is not to be relied upon as counsel or legal advice. When making any important business decision including setting up business entities, taxes, and intellectual property, always consult with an attorney. Drop Ship Lifestyle and […]

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8 Steps To Maximize The Sale Price Of Your Drop Ship Store

We all love the Ka-ching sound and feeling when you get sales through your Shopify store. After thousands of sales, I still love it. It’s addictive. There is, however, a better feeling (although unfortunately no associated sound) and that’s the big pay day when you sell your site. There’s nothing better than seeing a great listing […]

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