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Drop Shipping Blueprints

7 simple steps to an automated online store

This course contains the fundamentals. It has everything you need to know so you can go from zero eCommerce knowledge to knowing exactly how to set up a profitable business.

We are more than just a coaching program. We are a community.

These methods worked in 2007 when I got started, and they STILL work today. The videos were updated in 2016. It's a step-by-step process that is so simple that anyone can follow it.

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DS Blueprints

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Our latest version has two brand new apps (our Shopify App and our Product Research App), snew software, plus business training materials from our most recent live event.


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As a Drop Ship Lifestyle member, you get unlimited access to: DS Blueprints, Shopify Video Course, PPC Course, Mindset Course, Importing Course, and Trainings from past live events.


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We've built an app from the ground up in order to make building and automating an eCommerce business easier than ever. This software is exclusively for Drop Ship Lifestyle members. It's the app we wish we had ten years ago.


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