"Drop Shipping in 2018 & Beyond"

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  • How to find niches that are proven to be successful
  • The new traffic strategies to get more purchasers
  • New ways to find suppliers to sell for

About Anton Kraly

eCommerce changes fast, that's why I've spent the last couple of weeks redeveloping my training program, Drop Ship Lifestyle, with all the new traffic, supplier, and niche tactics that will guide my students to a prosperous 2018.

On this free training webinar I will be sharing with you my 3 biggest, and most lucrative updates from Drop Ship Lifestyle 6.0.

This will be 90 minutes of pure value covering what's working now in the world of eCommerce and drop shipping.

Not only will I walk you through the drop shipping system that I, and not to mention countless of my students, use to create million dollar businesses in less than 3 years...


You will also learn:

  • Niche Selection: How to use "Keyword Research" to find the most profitable niches
  • Optimizations: How to easily implement an "email selling machine" to automate and increase revenue
  • Traffic: How to use influencer marketing to build social proof and trust to become the authority in your niche

I will also show you:

  • How to build a new store in as little as 21 days (even with no prior experience)
  • How to get the best suppliers to work with you (no matter how "new" you are
  • A walkthrough of the new, streamlined, and even easier to follow Drop Ship Blueprint V6.0

Last but not least, I will teach you:

  • How profitable stores can be managed in as little as 20 minutes per day
  • How many drop ship store owners are seeing ROI from their ad spend within 2 - 3 days!

I'm making it easier for you to copy my methods of building successful drop shipping stores... with all the updates, and more support than ever, like our 6-Figure Coaching Club, you'll get all the help you need to succeed.

This will be a live training that will last for approximately 90 minutes including the Q & A section.  I will be covering everything in detail so please come ready to take notes.

And don't forget, at the end of the training I will be letting you know how you can get one of the 50 spots for v6.0 for the Black Friday Promo.

Click the registration link below to register for our Friday, November 24th training and I will save your seat.

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