What is a Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat?

Call it a mastermind, call it a work-cation, call it the best week of your life...

but whatever you do, DO NOT call it a conference!

Our Retreats are Unlike Anything You've Heard of...

In the morning, we mastermind.

In the afternoon, we go on excursions.

In the evening, we celebrate success!

Chiang Mai Retreat Video
Krabi Retreat
Hawaii Retreat
Mexico Retreat

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

Kona, Hawaii

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Speakers From Previous Events

Anton Kraly

Lead Value Optimization

Johnny FD

Shopify Optimizations

Brendan Tully

Easy eCommerce Wins

Brandon Nolte

Content Marketing

Empire Flippers

Selling Your Store

John Mcintyre

Email Marketing

Ben Brandes

Amazon FBA

Nate Ginsburg

Pinterest Marketing

​Michael Erickson

Optimizing Google PLAs

Kim Barret

Facebook Ads

FBA Empire

Product Selection

Jon Warren


Success Stories

Drop Ship Success Story: Matt

Meet Matt - The family man from Australia who after finding success with DSL quit his 9 to 5 to spend more time with his wife and daughter.

Drop Ship Success Story: Bing

Meet Bing - The businessman who was tired of his hard work creating profits that went directly into the company’s pockets instead of his own.

Drop Ship Success Story: Zhipan

Meet Zhipan - The college student from China now averaging over $100,000 a month on one of his drop shipping stores.

Drop Ship Success Story: Anastasia

Meet Anastasia - The bookkeeper from Russia who quit her bookkeeping job to travel the world on her drop shipping income.

Drop Ship Success Story: Trevor

Meet Trevor - The eCommerce dreamer who after finding success with Drop Ship Lifestyle moved him and his wife to Thailand.

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