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Drop Ship Lifestyle is an online course that has taught over 3,000 students over the past 24 months through our unique web-based training programs, our highly active online forum, and through our live events.

Our proven business systems that we teach are constantly helping students leave their old jobs behind because of the revenue they create by selling online, regardless of their prior experience.


David, Member Since 12/2012

In one word, Excellent! All meat, really juicy, laying it all out with the sweet spot for prices, niches, buyer type, niche cross-selling. so as i hoped, a real solid street smart training by somebody who really does this and truly knows this business inside and out.

Peter, Member Since 05/2013

Anton’s support is 5 star. I received replies in less then 24 hours, probably less then 12 hours, and everyone should definitely check this product out.  There is nothing to hide and there is no hype. He literally shows you exactly what you need to do to succeed, because it is exactly what he does.

Jon, Member Since 04/2014

I got my first sale!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the notice. I always had strong faith in Anton’s DSL method but my first sale confirmed me that it TRULY WORKS! I cant thank enough Johnny, Anton, and everyone in the DSL forum for all the help you’ve given me!

Kyron, Member Since 05/2014

My second store has just made me my FIRST 2 SALES in only 5 days of going live.  Want to thank everyone on this forum for their help and especially Richer, Michael C and Johnny for all their feedback. Also thanks to Anton for creating this course. The help I have received really has made a difference and I am truly grateful.

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