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Drop Ship Lifestyle: Empowering Freedom Through Entrepreneurship

Drop Ship Lifestyle:
Empowering Freedom Through Entrepreneurship



Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify Theme

The exclusive Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify Theme lets you build and run a high-grade store for your e-commerce business.

  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Style

Its a premium Shopify theme loaded with customer focused features to create a delightful shopping experience.

  • High-Demand Functionality
  • Reliable Performance
  • Rich Design Flexibility

Compatible with Online Store 2.0

Lightning-Fast Page Loading

40% of online shoppers will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Shoppers get instant access to your store pages, which makes them happy buyers.

Mobile-First Design

More and more, people are using their mobile phones and tablets for online shopping. With the Drop Ship Lifestyle Theme, your store will look fantastic on shoppers' mobile devices.

Optimized for Visual Storytelling

The Drop Ship Lifestyle Theme is loaded with drag and drop action buttons, sliders, galleries, and more.

It lets you create tabs, add unique sections, create slideshows, embed videos, and lots more.

Plus you won't need to buy many of the plugin apps. The Drop Ship Lifestyle Theme replaces the need for multiple paid apps, so that it costs you less to set up and run your Shopify store. What's more, since the functions are integrated with the theme, it won't slow the performance of your website.

Perfect for Any Dropshipping Niche

The Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify Theme is fully customizable, so you can get the look and feel of a professionally-designed  website that’s made just for you and your product line.

Special Features Designed to Maximize Buys

With a mega-menu customers can easily navigate your store. Shoppers can access dropdown sub-menus from the header.

Do you sell products that have many options like size and  color? The customizable sidebar filter stays in the customer’s  view while navigating your store, giving them an effortless  shopping experience. The page refreshes instantly when  shoppers select a filter, leading to improved sales.

Use the built-in newsletter popup to build your list. Get visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. Send them email notices about new products, campaigns, sales and discounts.

Increase your sales with social proof popup notifications.

Predictive search makes it easy for shoppers to find what they  are looking for without typing the whole phrase. This is a delight for visitors using a mobile device.

The sticky add-to-cart button lets you control what visitors see after they add an item to the cart. You can show suggested items, special offers, encourage newsletter signup, or even send them straight to checkout - it’s your call. And it can increase your conversions by 8%.

Do your products have upgrade options? Accessories? Other upsell options? You can add popup suggestions when customers put an item in your cart.

Customize your cart options for the best customer experience.

  • Add a dropdown cart confirmation.
  • Slide out cart makes it easy for customers to add upsell items.
  • Give your customers the option to skip the cart and go straight to checkout.
  • Sales taxes or value-added taxes (VAT) are automatically applied.
  • Allow coupon codes for deals and special offers.

Recently viewed items makes it easy for customers to go back to a product page, and makes them more likely to BUY!

Keep visitors in your store longer with an exit intent popup. Show them a special offer that makes them want to stay a little longer. According to Campaign Monitor, a well-designed, properly timed exit intent popup can increase conversions by as much as 60%.

There’s virtually nothing you can’t do to make your store captivating.

For Members Only

The Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify Theme is not available for purchase. But you can get it FREE when you become a member of Drop Ship Lifestyle.

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