Drop Shipping In Canada

Does drop shipping in Canada work?  I get asked a variation of this question practically every day.

If you’re from Canada, Australia, The UK, or any of the 22+ other countries that Drop Ship Lifestyle has students from...

The quick answer is almost always yes.  If your country has internet retailers, than drop shipping 100% will work, and Canada is no exception.

The longer answer is a bit more fun because there are a TON of options for Canadian drop shippers.  

Drop Shipping in Canada: How it's Done

The first option I would recommend to Canadian drop shippers is to stick to the Canadian market.  This means find suppliers in Canada and advertise exclusively to Canadian residents.

The obvious advantage to this is that life is a lot simpler.  You only have to deal with your national laws, and worry about your national taxes.

One of the biggest drawbacks is that you are limiting yourself by leaving out a huge portion of potential customers and suppliers. 

I would consider this the path of least resistance for Canadian drop shippers.  The beauty is that you can always start solely in Canada and expand as your business grows. 

Drop Shipping In Canada

Drop Shipping From The United States To Canada (and back)

A better option than being exclusive to Canada is to drop ship from the United States to Canada and vice versa.

This will unlock 325,000,0000+ potential customers as well as thousands of new suppliers. There are a few major drawbacks to drop shipping from the United States to Canada.

You will have to worry about international laws.

What can you ship across the border?

How do you calculate taxes?

International shipping from Canada to the United States isn't nearly as expensive as overseas shipping...

But there is still an increased cost that will take away from your profit margins.

Drop shipping from the United States to Canada or from Canada to the United States will be more challenging in the beginning.

But once you have a foothold on your niche, you will find substantially more profit.

Drop Shipping In Canada

Drop Shipping from Canada to International

If drop shipping exclusively in Canada or to the United States from Canada doesn’t seem like your cup of tea…

You can always drop ship from Canada to the rest of the world.   This will unlock the entire world as potential customers, but there are a few big hurdles you will have to overcome. The most obvious is the increased cost of shipping internationally. If your competitors are able to deliver internationally and still make a profit, you should be able to as well. However, you will be making more work for yourself than you may want.

Additionally, international shipping does inherently post a bigger risk of lost shipments.

On top of lost shipment possibilities, you will also need to vet international orders more thoroughly for fraud.

Shopify plugins, such as Signifyd, offer both domestic & international fraud protection.

As long as you are able to drive quality leads, the volume of sales should cover the risk of international customers.

If you are a Canadian drop shipper or are thinking about drop shipping from Canada, I would love to hear from you.

Let me know down in the comments what your experience drop shipping has been like so far.

I will leave you with an interview my community manager recorded a few years ago.

He talks to several Canadian drop shippers about what makes their business successful.

Best Practices - Talk With Successful Canadian Drop Shippers

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a program that’s used across the world. With that in mind, we’re always interested to hear how drop shipping works in various places. This week we’re covering Canada.

We talked with this group of 4 Canadian drop shippers on how drop shipping differs in Canada. We also covered the steps they took to be successful.

*Please excuse the background noise at times especially the first 7 minutes.

You will learn:

  • How Ervin, Gabriel, Sam, and Arie found Drop Ship Lifestyle and why they purchased the course
  • Why they started a Canadian drop shipping group
  • Their thoughts on living location independent
  • Their approach to taxes (not meant to be legal advice – please consult your trusted attorney or CPA for advice)
  • Their approach to working with both Canadian and US suppliers
  • Their approach to negative keywords
  • How we use Shopify for our drop shipping stores
  • Tips on how to build relationships with suppliers
  • Thoughts on drop shipping within Canada

If you have any questions let us know by commenting below this video!

Occasionally drop shippers will have local meetups to network and help each other out. We have some great videos from the local Canadian meetup for you to watch. Connecting with other drop shippers is one of the fastest paths to success. Watch the videos below and let us know if you need anything when hosting a DSL meetup.

Video Transcription:

Introduction To The Group

Adam Simon: All right. So, yeah. Let’s get started. I am Adam. I am with DSL – Drop Ship Lifestyle and this is a new format. So it’s going to be pretty interesting. I was able to get four Canadian Drop Shippers this call. We are going to have four different windows between us. It’s going to be me, then I am going to have Ervin.

Ervin: Hi guys.

Adam Simon: Ervin is at $100k… store about 2 months ago. Then I have Gabriel and second month he did about 10 k, and then I have Sam. He is maybe like 3 k, recently maybe………2 weeks in or so.

Sam: Yeah, 1 week in.

Adam Simon: Yeah, yeah, but like after starting your store, and getting a course and everything… and then I have Arie. I think he just made his first two sales. Is that correct?

Arie: Yeah. My second sale in two weeks. 

Adam Simon: Yes, awesome. So great. They are so at different levels, but they are helping each other out and what we were going to be discussing today is a lot of people before they started the drop ship stores, they were looking at drop shipping and its opportunity. They were looking at drop shipping from Canada, from Australia, from the U.K., from other places in Europe, Japan…

wherever, and a lot of people with those barriers up in sale, okay, well, I don’t know if can work……

I want to bring these gentlemen online so that will be testament that if it can work in Canada, it could work just about anywhere and we are going to be discussing some of the pitfalls they ran into, some of the issues and some of the ways, kind of shortcut, time to success as well we are going to be talking about resources they sell.

So, without further adieu, thank you for joining us all today. So, if you could kind of possibly…

Zach: Thank you for having us.

Adam Simon:…in a nutshell, starting with Ervin. He is kind of to my left, in the computer view at least.

If we could just kind of give nice, second… more like elevator fifth floor, what have you, just like a brief overview of how you found Drop Ship Lifestyle what were you doing prior to Drop Ship Lifestyle when you see this opportunity.

[02:23] The 4-Hour Workweek

Ervin: Sure thing. So I discovered Drop Ship Lifestyle and that was because recently you went to Japan last February and I got so enticed about the idea of living there, and I was thinking, well, how can I sustain my lifestyle, more so the income of living in Japan.

So I was looking up ways on how to make money online. Coincidentally, I was also reading Tim Ferriss book, “The 4-Hour Workweek.” So he has that sort of sparked a light in me to look at other things and drop shipping… no, I am not sure how I discovered it, but I remember particularly reading Johnny’s blog about it and I was just so enticed and I was just following his monthly income reports from when he first started to where he was last February and I just got so enticed that I decided to try them on.

Now, my particular store that I am doing right now. I didn’t start it until July. I was doing another niche before that which I built up for a couple of months but didn’t really work out.

So from February to April, I started my first store, didn’t really work out, and then started this new niche in July, built it and started the store in September and I am happy to say that from September until about November, I did about $100k sales in 87 days. So that’s it was all about myself.

Adam Simon: So that’s great. So wow. So a lot of people have…. we can have… get a lot of takeaways from you hopefully. No pressure, Ervin. So…

Ervin: Will share definitely.

[04:00]Adam Simon: Yeah, so great. Thank you for that. So Gabriel if you can kind of walk us through your journey real quick.

[04:06]Gabriel: All right. So, yeah, I have been looking for drop shipping while ago. I think it all started with Tim Ferriss’s book as well. I read it maybe a couple of years ago. I have been fantasizing about the, like… I really hate to work for someone, like I obsessively… like I don’t like having someone giving me orders. So that’s one of the reasons why I started a business and I found about drop shipping on the internet. I don’t remember where exactly, but as for DSL, I found it on my Facebook feed, and then looked it up more, decided to purchase the course, and since then I have been… I didn’t know anything about drop shipping. I just… no coding, no design, no calling suppliers, nothing. I am really amazed, like for sure, like the system works. If you apply it, it does work and you have to work. You have to work, and for sure, you will be successful wherever you are.

[05:21]Adam Simon: Nice. Yeah. And you’re a testament to that and everybody on the call is a testament to that. I have seen a lot of opportunities or educational courses online before finding Drop Ship Lifestyle and for the folks, that have like been looking at opportunities longer, when they come across, formation they always kind of take a step back which is fair, but you’re a testament to that Gabriel, Ervin, Sam, and Arie. You might have tried different things or what or what have you in, and then you found us and you started working the course. That’s kind of the theme that I have been getting from a lot of people like Kate. I don’t know if you had a conversation with Kate, but yeah, I think she did almost a $120k last month. I don’t know if you all saw that screenshot, but…

[06:10]Gabriel: Yeah, it’s crazy.

[06:10]Ervin: It looked crazy.

[06:13]Adam Simon: Yeah. And you can get to that level, but the thing is that she just went through the course. She didn’t have much business experience. Like, I don’t know if all have had a lot of business experience before finding Drop Ship Lifestyle. But she just went through the steps. She didn’t over things and she found success, and it sounds like a ___ opportunity to say, Gabriel. It sounds like you much did the same thing.

[06:36]Gabriel: Was it a question?

[06:38]Adam Simon: Yes, yeah, yeah.

[06:39]Gabriel: Okay, I think well that sounded…

[06:42]Adam Simon: Well, yeah. Some of the background noise and stuff like that. Yeah, so, what I was just asking is that pretty much what I am hearing like Kate, you were doing lot of business stuff before that when you found drop ship lifestyle and you just pretty much followed the course.

[06:54]Gabriel: Yeah, I battled more. I did research for years and like I said kind of like fantasizing about being free or something like that. I found Drop Ship Lifestyle on Facebook and then looked it up, did my research, found that there was…. you know, I was looking at the videos that Anton used to do, you know that courses and I found it, like that I could trust that guy.

[07:24]Adam Simon: Okay.

[07:25]Gabriel: I don’t know. It’s just kept you on, you know.

[07:32]Adam Simon: Yeah, I know. That’s good. Like, maybe like a gut feeling or something in you before and you made it work. It sounds like for you. So…You go into your third month and you’ve already had 10k in sales, so congrats. So moving along, I guess Sam that now just to profit us, a lot of the background noise is coming from Sam and Arie because they are in a coffee shop. So we just will need to work there the best we can, but Sam if you can kind of walk us through your journey real quick.

[08:01]Sam: Yeah, absolutely. Well for me, I joined DSL back in… oh, there we go, now I have got the Mic… I joined DSL back in September. When I first learned about it, it was back in July and I was actually on a vacation to Alberta at the same time, and I really like the scenery there. And I was just like excited to go back to college, starting September and I really did want to go back. So I was like googling online how to make money. You know all the stuff you are across when you Google how to make money online.


[08:39]Adam Simon: Lots of stuff, yes.

[08:41]Sam: So… yeah, so I decided to have like a really specific goal in my try. I googled word for word – how do I make $10,000 a month online. That’s what I googled, and the first thing I landed on was Business Insider’s article about Johnny FD and I read that article, and from that article I went to his blog…. first I thought it was full of crap… then I went to his blog and from the blog I learned about a method of drop shipping. So I think, all in all, I did about two hours of research on it and then by the third hour I was like drawing up plans and notes and stuff, like I was sold on it. So then I worked hard for about two months or September, and then I was able to… you know, by at the end of September, by October, I started in, and my first store actually I decided not to follow the steps all the way which was stupid. But I decided to do in my own way. So my first store failed miserably and I started over, but second store did pretty well so far. Yeah, so you know just taking there from there.

[09:46]Adam Simon: Nice, very nice. Congrats to you. So Arie, if you could kind of walk us through your journey real quick please.

[09:58]Arie: Did he ask something?

[09:58]Sam: Yeah, yeah.

[10:01]Arie: Sorry. I didn’t have the earphone on because he was talking.

[10:06]Adam Simon: That’s okay.

[10:06]Arie: For me, I got to say, I think I discovered Anton about, I would have to say at least three years ago, I think back when the course was like $250-300 in the earlier stages and I was just looking for ways to make money online because I knew that there was something for me that I could do, but I always had that hesitation of making that initial investment in me and investing into somebody else. I was thinking always like if it’s really a goldmine if it’s really something that’s working, why it will be shared with other people, and look, it took me almost 3-1/2 to 4 years up until last September. I joined at the same time as Sam to finally embark on this journey because I am seeking location independence, that’s my life goal. I want the freedom to enjoy life with my wife, with my children instead of living this constant rat race that we are in. And over the years, I kept following on Anton over and over again and I kept pushing it back, but this year being a little bit more financially stable with my career and having money to invest in the course, even though it was four times the amount that I initially thought I had to do it. I jumped in because I believed in it as he was still around that for all those years because it meant something and sure enough the results are coming in today. I am not in the $1000 mark in sales, but I have only been live with that for two weeks now and I got two sales. So if one sale could be done, the second sale could be done and if two sales could be done, that means more sales could be coming and just before getting on the call, I mean I have people visiting my store all morning, hasn’t converted yet, but it will. So Drop Ship Lifestyle, I believe if you apply what Anton teaches and you follow the course, step-by-step, anybody could do this. It’s whether you have experience or not, the course teaches you everything you need to know to get to the point of making your first sale. I believe in it and there is no reason why nobody else shouldn’t.

[12:20]Adam Simon: Awesome. Yeah. So I mean you’re a testament to that and lot of people like I was talking on this last night… I talked to… you all know who Earnest is I am sure, but I was talking to him last night and a lot of folks went, like a hundred visitors in a store day. If you convert like 2% even, you got two sales, you got one or two sales. So it’s all about what numbers. It’s like to get a launch off, you are going to get 100-200 whatever amount of visitors during a store day. And then figure out how to convert them. So those are good takeaways from me. I mean I already kind of knew that, but then you got to be reminded of something to make sure you’re your numbers have… get to that next target with that, and it looks like. So I guess we have some background noise coming in. But the next thing I kind of wanted to know, so tell me about the genesis of this Canadian group that we have. So obviously, you know, Drop Ship Lifestyle, a lot of people doing it for some of the same reasons – location, independence. Gabriel, you know, hey, didn’t want a boss and at times I don’t like authority either. So, it’s doing for a different reason, but similar reasons at the same time, and the testament I guess, for our community is that hey, closing to getting together, starting to get together from Canada, from Australia, from different places, and figuring it out together, build the relationships, look at each other’s store, figure out how to make it work. So if you can walk the viewers through the genesis of the Canadian group and then what you learned along the way. So like some of those did takeaway things…

[13:59]Sam: Sure, to be honest, me and Arie, really came with the idea together to start a Canadian Drop Shipping group, but the idea came in my head because I have had a lot of people tell me that it’s been, I mean, of course, it has been around for a while. How come no one had done it before, but to be honest, we kind of created it out of annoyance because when we kept asking questions, so when we came in we had questions, being Canadian. So we had people ask those and then you would see just, I think, two hours later someone else would have the same question and that is just the same stuff over and over and over again. So you’re probably digesting, regurgitating, like all the information. Then it just gets lost and so as you ask it again… I am pretty sure everyone was confused on especially the financial stuff. So we said why don’t we make a group where we can keep all these information together in one area so that no one has to ask these questions again. And I think you will see the difference now, I believe so, I think, in the forums and in a social group like… the instance of I having a Canadian being like, you know, hey, I am Canadian, how do I do this. So that I think it’s pretty much down to zero. I have not seen a single one so far, but that was really the reason why we started off with that and also it bloomed into a bigger community. I wasn’t expecting more than that.

[15:30]Arie: More and more people keep showing up. More than we ever anticipated.

[15:35]Sam: Yeah, to a, I think, 107 now.

[15:39]Adam Simon: Wow. No it’s great, and we have thousands of members, but it’s literally folks like yourself get together because a lot of the information, like we have been asking for a long time, but a lot of the information, like he was saying, it’s like fragmented in terms of like legal structure of things and just because it becomes a legal advice or stuff like that, most, I mean like, anybody wise enough will look for legal advice, for typical legal advice.

[16:08]Ariel: We got to be careful with that.

[16:10]Adam Simon: Yeah, you bet, we are careful with that. So it’s good that you’re organizing works in Canada and they get that information out there and then it sounds like symbiotic relationships to figure out how to convert so. How did everybody find out about the group there like Gabriel and Ervin, how did you find about the group and what have you seen that helped you overall?

[16:33]Gabriel: I don’t remember how actually. I don’t remember how I found the group. Maybe I was invited, not sure. I am not sure.

[16:43]Ervin: So for me when I first started with Drop Ship Lifestyle earlier this year, there was the main Facebook group for the Drop Ship Lifestyle labs and so people were asking general questions and aside from that, you had to rely on forums. The problem with the forums, it’s got tons of information, but its sort of a one size fits all. There is one general thread which says and talks about how we can drop ship to the U.S. if you were outside from the U.S. Well, if I found the information there to be great, the information wasn’t really specific to Canadians. Nathan did a great job of laying down the information on how to drop ship in the U.S. as a Canadian, but the information that he posted there was a bit outdated I feel and there is some things that would just clash with each other. So when I found out about this Canadian drop ship group specific to Canadians only, I think I found about it through the Drop Ship Lifestyle Facebook groups. I immediately joined that, immediately there was a pinned post about all the legal stuff about the corporation stuff and I was thinking myself, none if I had this when I first started it would be so easy. I won’t have to jump through with hoops that I had to jump through. So I was really thankful for Arie and Sam for putting this Facebook group together because not only did that give a wealth of information, but it also connected me with a bunch of local Canadians as well as people from my own province here who I am currently helping to set up their drop ship stores as well. So it really connected us Canadians and brought us like closer to each other.

[18:32]Adam Simon: Very nice. Yeah, so those are some of those resources that we hope to like I guess, get together and make sure that we link and we get out to more people. Again, for like Australia and then Europe, and we get some of those resources together and people like yourself are helping with that information. But like I said, from a legal standpoint it’s good that you are getting that together and kind of seen comparing and contrasting your journey and information that you went into. So for those folks that are tuning in and listening, from a legal standpoint, it’s just one of those things where you have to kind of do some of your own research. We give you as much information we can, but there is a lot of folks in the community that are putting resource together for your own specific country where you can kind of shortcut the process to get some information to kind of, I guess, go down and see where you are going to find the easiest path for you based of kind of what’s in there. So we have a lot of people starting to comment in the YouTube Channel. So just to kind of give some comments. So we have Joboy, there’s “Hey guys” and they are laughing. I have Carlos saying “Hey, everyone.” So, hey! We got Paul saying hey. We have…

[19:49]Gabriel: Was there any questions?

[19:52]Adam Simon: What’s that?

[19:52]Gabriel: Is there any questions?

[19:55]Gabriel: That? Well, let me see I am going to get to some questions. I am seeing everybody. I am just learning everybody who is here. Let’s see.

[20:02]Ervin: Thanking you, you guys.

[20:04]Gabriel: Yeah, yeah.

[20:05]Adam Simon: Hi from Romania, hello. Then let’s see. Hi Anoior, let’s see Anoior. They are saying hey. Hi Anoior. All that stuff to be a success. Well, hold off, so you get something that from the call. So… and we are going to go over some of those strategies in a moment. We have Christopher saying, go Sam. And another guy, John saying, go DSL. And then, let’s see what else we have in here…. Zesshien. Hopefully, I didn’t budge with your name… has a question. “How fast you guys think, you guys will completely be location independent?” So, I know, well, we talked with Sam about that recently, but if anybody wants to take that question?

[20:53]Gabriel: I can. I can. Okay, so what I think is… it all depends on where you want to be location independent. Like, if you want to be in Europe, it’s not the same as if you want to be in South East Asia, for example. So I would say for South East Asia, like Thailand, you could be location independent doing maybe 2000 a month… I don’t know, of profit… and live really, really well. So if you are in Europe, it’s a different game, yeah.

[21:33]Adam Simon: Yeah. So you got…I mean it’s, I’m sure I suspect it’s different for everybody, but there’s… you know, 2000 a month, so…

[21:40]Arie: Absolutely.

[21:40]Adam Simon:…we will have… if you make a $10k in the last month. Generally speaking, anything like 20-30%… you know, just depends on their margins and everything like that. So enough to add 10. Kate for instance, who I spoke to recently seems… and she has like 180 k last month. It’s all the numbers game. So you got to figure out where you want to live and how to make it work like…

[22:05]Arie: It depends. Every situation is different to in life. It depends on your family situation. For me, I have a wife, I have children. Even though my dream is to be location independent tomorrow, we can’t just pack up and leave everything right then and there.

[22:17]Gabriel: No school…

[22:18]Adam Simon: But to me… yeah, no schools… but to know that I can do it…

[22:27]Adam Simon: Right. And Sam, you wanted to move? Oh, go ahead…

[22:30]Arie: No, no. It’s okay. I was just going to say… actually, you know what, I just lost…. but, it’s okay. We’re going to move on to Sam.

[22:39]Sam: My goal is that I am actually planning to move to Thailand January ’18. So that’s…

[22:47]Gabriel: That’s nice.

[22:33]Sam:… just a month from now… yeah… I have already made enough to live like location independently and the rest of this can come through my store, just a community and just the value of it was…. I told you I work online. I mean honestly like I made more in my first month of DSL than I did working 40 hours week. And I have done both. So I actually made way more than that. All I did was like…

[23:17]Arie: I was witness to a success.

[23:19]Sam: Yeah, like honestly we just… yeah just worked on the internet, like didn’t have to do anything else for anyone else and I made more in my first month than I did working 40 hours a week. I actually calculated it. If I had worked, I got paid 35 bucks an hour and I worked 40 hours a week for the whole week. So I made more than that.

[23:40]Adam Simon: Oh, wow.

[23:40]Ervin: That’s amazing. That’s amazing.

[23:43]Adam Simon: That’s awesome. Congrats. Anybody else, anything else to add to that? Move on?

[23:49]Ervin: I would have to agree with what everyone said. It’s all relative. So if you want to live in South East Asia, of course it’s going to be lot cheaper. For me, what a project is, I do like what Nathan is currently doing from FBA Empire. So what I am doing right now is I am taking the profits from my drop shipping store and starting my own private labeling business, but this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t start with Drop Ship Lifestyle. And if they were not for my drop ship store, it wouldn’t have led to the other venture that I am doing right now. So I regress, but I do plan on just travelling around between Europe and South East Asia by next year… hopefully by Q2 of next year. So that’s, that’s the end goal for me.

[24:34]Adam Simon: Okay, awesome.

[24:36]Gabriel: Can I add to this, the question?

[24:40]Adam Simon: Go ahead.

[24:41]Gabriel: All right. Okay. So, to be more practical, maybe like think what you want to do, think where you want to go and this will help you choose how much you need to be location independent basically.

[25:01]Adam Simon: Awesome. Yeah, now for sure. Okay, so let’s see what else we have. I mean, some of these questions I was going to ask anyway, but I guess it’s more interesting if they come from other people….

[25:10]Arie: For the… for the record…

[25:14]Adam Simon: What’s that?

[25:15]Arie: For the record, my goal is Costa Rica and it has been in the plan for the last two years. I got my wife on board and that’s what we are working for.

[25:24]Adam Simon: Okay, lived in that area

[25:24]Arie: Hopefully, by next year our plan is 3 months we are going to be taking a sabbatical. We both work for the same company…

[25:32]Adam Simon: Okay.

[25:32]Adam Simon: Handout. And that’s why you always see my hashtag freedom forty-five…. before running my… 45, I am handing it to my boss and saying, “See ya.”

[25:48]Ervin: Nice.

[25:50]Adam Simon: Boss is now wanting sleep. [laugh] So now that’s good, that’s good. So you are going to hopefully watch this video at a later point and hold yourself accountable. It’s going to be…

[26:00]Arie: Aw, definitely. Comfortable all the way.

[26:04]Adam Simon: And then you got all these guys on the call that’s going to put… good, let’s see what we have here. We got… okay, so Chrix X is asking what do you do for taxes… let’s see what do you do for taxes? Charge in your store, or pay after?… so, a lot of people have been asking about taxes. So what’s your approach on taxes?

[26:27]Ervin: That’s the beauty of being a Canadian. Just because we’re right across the border, we are considered as a foreign entity by these U.S. companies. Now, we don’t have to collect any taxes anywhere in the states and that’s the beauty of it, without even applying for a resale certificate. We don’t have to collect taxes, nor do we have to declare taxes with the IRS. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think we have to do any of those. So literally we are saving a lot of the customer’s money just because we don’t charge any taxes to say that we are shipping to and we don’t really collect taxes as well. So it’s a win-win for us Canadians really.

[27:06]Gabriel: I am… all sure are you about this? I am still wondering like how true this is because if you go deeper and deeper, it’s all intriguing. If you add like some legal… did you see a lawyer? Did you meet with a professional lawyer or did you just get that on the internet doing the research yourself?

[27:32]Ervin: It’s a little bit of both. I did not seek a lawyer specifically, but I did seek my accountant and he said, yeah, you have to report and submit your income from these drop shipping stores as your own personal income tax, but you don’t really have to report anything to the IRS.

[27:51]Gabriel: Mm-hmm. Okay.

[27:53]Arie: I got this…

[27:55]Adam Simon: And guys, this is not meant to be legal advice necessarily, but they have gone through the process and this is how they have gone through the process. So just… for everybody listening in. So…

[28:05]Sam: Well, we do have something we are trying to work on right now. We are trying to really hard to set it up, for hopefully this Friday. We are trying to connect with like an accountant like who will come in our group and we will maybe record a podcast, we will grab everyone’s questions. Accountant will answer them, and then we can just put it out there and everyone’s questions will be answered. Just like… the biggest goal we want to get through is we don’t want there to be any confusion. We can put it on the group, we can put it on our website so that everyone can just see it there and the accountant can then answer any questions they have. I think that might be the easiest thing for us, in regard to taxes as well. So when we first started gathering this information, yeah, he called the IRS, and we were basically told the same thing which was the presence of a “nexus.” So nexus is like… if you are in a physical entity in the states, you have a nexus there. As Canadians, you don’t unless there is a very fine…… This is our experience now. So again, not advice, like this is not foolproof. But so far we haven’t had any problem with it because we haven’t done say white glove shipping. I think that’s one situation where you have established nexus. This is why it’s really good to have like an accountant on board that can answer all these questions and that will……. Do. But without you owning employees or buildings or anything if you are a Canadian, drop shipping in the States, you don’t, yeah, you don’t charge taxes, you don’t collect them.

[29:43]George: But sometimes you ask to prove to the supplier your re-seller, so that’s…

[29:50]Sam: Yeah. We just try to be more provincial, like our business number provincially and that’s more than enough sometimes. They really need it. Just call the CRA, get your federal business number and tax ID, and that should be like… so far that’s pretty much worked for us. I think some suppliers. They haven’t had experience dealing with Canadians. So everyone is different.

[30:13]Adam Simon: Okay. Great. Let’s see what else is coming in. See… anyone here in the U.S. store that drop shipped to Canada. Let’s kind of reverse that or I guess, let’s talk about that. So what have you went into like any kind of issues with suppliers or set up before or any big “aha” moments? They made thing variable or variations in the course that you have to do with Canada to both like get suppliers in U.S., to ship to Canada and then suppliers in Canada to kind of little bit of U.S., then other countries. What have you run into?

[31:02]Ervin: In my experience, when you are talking with U.S. supplier, I try not to tell them I am a Canadian unless they specifically ask where I am located, and at that point I tell them, “So I am Canadian, but my primary focus would be to sell and distribute then them in States.” Now, some U.S. suppliers just cringe with idea that you are Canadian, but that’s because they have never worked with a Canadian before. But if you explain the logistics and explain how things work, it will take time, it will take some time convincing, but in experience it has always worked for me. I did have a Canadian supplier who distributes to the States. So when I tried applying for an account with them, they said, oh, we can only give you a Canadian account, just because we need to be fair with our suppliers or distributors in the States. And at that point, I was a little thrown off, but they referred me to another distributor in the States. I still get the same pricing, so it worked out it in the end. What I found different is the States usually has a manufacturer and then a distributor which would distribute, say about 5 or 10 different brands for that specific niche. We don’t really have a lot of that in Canada. But if you find that distributor even if the master supplier doesn’t work with you, if you find that distributor, you’ll often get approved right away and these distributors would often work with retailers and drop shippers and the likes.

[32:33]Ervin: Okay, great. Anybody have anything they want to add to that?

[32:34]Arie: I am going to say, to be quite honest, I was really, really impressed with how simple it is to work with U.S. suppliers. I don’t know if it’s my niche in particular, but it’s been a phenomenal experience and I just want to know everybody to stop stressing about calling suppliers in the U.S. because they are globally okay with it. Every single one I called accepted me without even questioning the fact that I am Canadian, even though the last supplier that I just got on board three days ago, which I did the posting last, instead of even asking me for my resellers certificate which has been American for me, asked me….… you have your business ID and your tax Ids, and I responded. Is it that obvious that I am Canadian? So don’t worry about it. They are used to it and more…. I think as more time goes by they are even getting more used to the whole drop shipping style because it’s become without even me saying the words drop shipping, they are being… themselves and it just makes the whole situation that much easier. So what I am going to tell all Canadians is don’t worry, pick your niche, get on the phone, call suppliers, they don’t have any problems working with Canadians. You provide them your tax ID, you do everything legitimately and you don’t lie. You got to be honest with them, because if you lie, it will come back at you and that’s when it ain’t going to be fun. So no problems being Canadian.

[34:09]Gabriel: I had a pattern like sometimes when you contact suppliers, they send you back to their Canadian counterparts. So this is why now I try not to say that I am Canadian unless they ask for it, and also with customers when they are asking me if where we’re based, I always say Canada, but I say that our factories are in the States which is our suppliers. Sometimes, it’s beneficial because the customer is close to your factory. So also it’s good to know where it’s located your supplier. So you are able to reassure the customer.

[34:54]Adam Simon: Yeah, help build trust for sure. A great point. Yeah, let’s see what else is coming in. This is maybe kind of hard to answer, but if anybody wants to try to take this one, but Brian is asking where do you saw as… because we don’t give away niches or anything like that. But if there’s anybody that wants to kind of take this or give a perspective on this, that will be great. Brian is asking where do you saw as products for drop shipping?


___[35:25]Ervin: What do you saw as products for drop shipping? You are asking, so…

[33:33]Sam: Like, I think what they are trying to ask is like how do you find products you want to drop ship?

[35:35]Adam Simon: Yeah, kind of also convincing… they also kind of asking maybe like kind of suppliers, maybe they are thinking like AliExpress, like a lot of people ask about AliExpress and then all those stuff. So what’s your perspective on that? Do you have any take on it, like?

[35:52]Sam: Honestly, yeah with… actually, that’s an interesting point. This ties into like when you are creating a story is I got this really good tip from Cory Ecker. He is eco tech on the forums, right, and he told me that instead of like voting demo products on his stores when he is creating them, he just is like sources them straight from AliExpress and this puts the store live, like, while he is working on getting actual suppliers because like someone buy…. actual product that they are buying, you can just still sell it and that’s one way, but it’s not the route we really go, to source the products from suppliers until you got contact suppliers. Usually, Anton goes over that very well in module one of the……. blueprint. And it’s just simple as that, just follow what Anton shows you. It’s really not hard at all. I think I see a lot of people haven’t taken DSL or they haven’t done quality drop shipping that… to them, the concept of calling them suppliers is foreign to them. It has never occurred to them. It’s always arbitrage between Amazon or it’s always reselling from one platform to another. So that’s the main thing I found. So just follow the course. You will see how to source product and suppliers very well.

[37:13]Adam Simon: Okay, great. Anybody wanting to add to that?

[37:17]Arie: Okay, is that…. me?

[37:21]Sam: You said you want to add to that?

[37:24]Arie: No. I think Sam…

[37:26]Ervin: Yeah, Sam nailed it.

[37:28]Gabriel: Yeah, yeah.

[37:29]Adam Simon: That sort of…

[37:30]Arie: Because we keep switching back and forth at the moment. So we could try to speak more clear. So don’t mind me speaking all the time.

[37:36]Adam Simon: Logistically, you know, and then there is some background noise….. as well. We are making…

[37:40]Arie:….. seven hours I’ll be here.

[37:43]Adam Simon: Wow. Seven hours?

[37:45]Arie: Yeah. Well, we left in the middle of the night and there was a snowstorm half way and I didn’t get lot of sleep either last night. So I had a…. take a quick nap……..

[37:56]Ervin: That’s called commitment.

[37:58]Arie: You’ve gotten it right.

[37:59]Adam Simon: The road to success, right? And so I…… do it…… so that’s kind of… that’s kind of how he could be successful. He has got two sales. So this is the first of many… the first two of many. So, you drove over there. That’s…….., your drive, so… In one way,… more ways than one. So, let’s see. We have Sebastian. “I love the idea of being location independent and having that freedom. I already love sea, travel”… so they love traveling. Cool. And then we got… I think, I think. Arie, you posted about this recent, but I have Christopher asking. “Anyone could tell me how to use negative keywords for their PLAs. May I’ll get some value from hearing it from you guys.”

[38:49]Unidentified 0:38:49:Nice question.

[38:50]Ervin: This is still…. you getting into this section, but I had to wait until I got up…… days of data, seeing that I just launched my PLAs on this Sunday prior to Cyber Monday, but it has made a big impact on my impressions and how much I was spending per day. So basically, once you have all your PLA set up and after a few days of data, you are going to go into your, it’s what, dimensions, right?

[39:19]Sam: Yeah, dimensions.

[39:19]Arie: The dimensions and you are going to key it down by search terms and you’re going to start seeing what people are using to find your products, and you kind of seeing that there is a whole bunch of nonsense. You realize you are going to be paying, could be more……. then a seller’s. So you filter through that list and you take everything that’s irrelevant or that you don’t want to be found for an added view or negative keywords. So just give you an idea. Because I am just started with the PLAs, you know when I, and I am following the course to the….. my budget was $10 a day and I was easily maximizing that ad spent within like three-quarters of the day to half a day. I was already……. and ever since I added in the keywords, I dropped down dramatically through about $2.50 to $3 a day, but now it’s really concentrated on people that are looking for more specific words and long…… keywords that are related to my products.

[39:19]Sam: You really just wanted to take the general broad keywords out because a lot of people will be looking for like how to blah, blah, blah and then Google does its little check that Simon thought you…

[40:27]Arie: That is when I had a coaching problem with Simon the other day and hopefully I am now update to explain it. I had a hard time understanding it. It is pretty rough, but….

[40:38]Sam: I will say it’s like one, two set up and negative keyword, right. That is storing your negative keyword section within your ad group and your product group, but then what happens is that it will set that keyword is a broad keyword. So it’s stored as negative, but it’s like broadly covered. So it will still show up for the thing that people search. You have to actually manually go through and set it as either exact negative keyword or phrase negative keyword like. For example, someone says the best blah, blah, blah, and you put that in. It’s going to be put as a broad best whatever product and people will still search a variation of best something…. search them. They might still search the best product, less something else because still show up. So you either have to key in as a phrase. You have to key in as a something exact that you don’t want to show up as…

[41:30]Arie: That’s by clicking on the actual keyword.

[41:34]Sam: Otherwise, you’re still going to be spending a lot of money on like stuff that you haven’t, don’t want to be shown up for because you know little Google tricks, I guess.

[41:45]Adam Simon: Nice. Anybody want to add to that?

[41:48]Ervin: I think these guys have pretty much nailed it. If there’s one thing I want to add is I am a big advocate of the negative keyword planning tool and I just love that tool. You just type in keyword and it spits out all the relating keywords to that specific search term and you can then filter out which keywords you want to exclude, which keywords you don’t want to put on your negative term and then you can just copy all those keywords, put it in your ad words and then you know you can exclude all those negative terms and just optimizing everything, just to make sure you’re getting the most out of your clicks and the most out of your ads spent. So I am a big advocate of that tool. So anyone who is interested in looking at it, if you just google negative keyword tool or planning tool, it will show up. I think it’s from WordStream and WordStream has a ton of free resources for anyone, even to ad words or pre advance in their AdWords learning. They have got the right contact for you.

[42:54]Adam Simon: Very nice. Yeah. So using that tool, I will try to link that below later on. So… all right. So let’s see what else is coming in. Let’s see… Since you know comments, I don’t think we will be able to get to all the comments or anything like that. Is there anything that’s coming in on your side, Sam, or anybody else that you saw a question of, because I am not looking at all the channels……. I have another couple of questions, but I just wanted to make sure that it was coming through that, it was kind of burning.

[41:48]Arie: We are just taking a look. We are going through right now to see if there is anything we could answer…

[43:40]Sam:… what’s you are saying is that… there is one here actually….. there is one here that’s asking “Is the course using Shopify or WordPress?” Simple answer to that, it is most definitely using Shopify, not WordPress . It’s a really great tool. Shopify is an amazing platform and honestly, I think even Anton goes over this sometimes time out. I think he has gone over many times drop shipping….. as well… There are other platforms out there. A close second I guess would be like Magento or something… Shopify is honestly the best and they have amazing customer service as far as all the times I have experienced with them.

[44:32]Gabriel: Great, 24 hours.

[44:34]Ervin:Yes, then on top of that, Shopify has a really diverse app eco space. So there is an app for pretty much everything that you need from. Aftership to free shipping bars to…. tracking, there is tons of apps out there. Some of them are free. Some of them have a cost associated with it. But I think you definitely find a fit between your app and your store, then it’s a price well paid.

[45:03]Adam Simon:Nice. Yes for sure. So that’s what we definitely recommend over here. Some of the things you mentioned. Customer service, there is you know the support aspect of it. WordPress is harder to support. There is lot more themes, lot more plugins, things that can go haywire. So… and it’s not built, it wasn’t originally built for eCommerce. Shopify was, but.. there’s…

[45:30]Sam:The biggest issue with WordPress I come across like with WooCommerce is security, is because WordPress is not going to back you. You are not hosted on their servers, like per se your security isn’t guaranteed by them. You are your own if any virus that your store is vulnerable to, that’s up to you to take care of. There is basically like no NGOs or customers… Shopify 24 x 7 and especially like just the fact that you have someone else managing all those cares for you. So there is a monthly fee involved to that. WooCommerce is free, but you know as with all things you get what you pay for.

[46:09]Adam Simon:Good point. All right. So let me make sure there is nothing else coming in. I guess we will do that on your channel. So to put the question I had like. So, was there any other things that you come across like in the group or that keep on coming up repeatedly that you found like was easy to answer or on the flipside hard to answer when you’re gone through this Drop Ship Lifestyle journey and then if you could kind of expand upon it, let know everybody listening. Some of those things that went across, that you were able to like together as a group and then individually, besides some of the things we talked about like taxes and some of the logistics of shipping and suppliers and things like that.

[46:51]Ervin:For me, the first thing that came to mind is well, I am going to have to call supplier…. create a relationship. And I just want to say if you’re within that phase and you are worried about call suppliers, just relax and try to make it conversational. You are trying to add value to their business. It’s not just you just drop shipping their items, but you’re creating a mutual partnership between you and supplier. You are paying for all these ads spent to promote their products, sell their products, and in return, they will give you the products out of wholesale discount. So I think that’s a win-win situation. If you take your mindset away from, “Oh, I am just drop shipping their products and not really adding value it,” to a mindset that it’s a natural partnership and you are giving value to each other, then I think the relationship will go much further. For me, for example, my supplier was so impressed that because we were advertising his products so well, he decided to take me up on a partnership where he will subsidize my ads spent for his particular brand. So that’s been going really well for me. If I didn’t approach it from the standpoint of how can we both work with each other to make sure that we were both successful, know I wouldn’t be in this position today.

[48:15]Ervin:Okay, great. That’s a key point, is that you got to build relationships with suppliers first. Just like a lot of things that decides to be a relationship sales and that’s where a lot of things happen and a lot of opportunities like your kind of open up. So it’s all about having conversations, keeping it as real as possible and hopefully get to the next level together. Just keeping for mind, that’s what I have been commenting on the group to kind of further build on that. Folks, the suppliers need you as much as you need them a lot of times because if they didn’t have people selling their products, then they wouldn’t exist, And businesses exist to solve problems and a lot of them are suppliers problems. Hey, the opportunity say they want more sales, because they want more sales. So he has kind of composed in the right way and they are…..

[49:07]Arie:… naturally correct.

[49:08]Adam Simon:They are human just like you. You approach them just like you would anybody else and the sensitivity you approach anybody else and the empathy, and there will be a lot easier conversations. So… anybody want to build on…

[49:22]Arie:I will just say the thing that thing is absolutely right, but that’s probably the biggest hiccup that I am finding Canadians are struggling with, is really just calling suppliers and I am going to say one more time. Nothing to worry about, but what’s really important and if there is one tip I could give is you got to call them with confidence and you got to believe in yourself. You can call the supplier being in doubt and being stressed because it will feed off on to them and they will feel it and that’s when they are buying that. You call the supplier, you are in control of the conversation and the end goal is when are you signing the papers, and you will. Just believe in yourself. All the hard work that you put into up until this point. It ain’t time to give up. It’s time to go stronger. The next step is loading products and making sales. Go ahead, there is a gap…

[50:14]Gabriel:Yes, so I would also add to multiply your chances up there and… to like send emails, call them, leave messages and call again and call again. Sometimes it’s a long process over months and months, but you’ll have to like show them that you are not going to give up. So you keep going. Always like don’t be aggressive, but like be aggressive and tender at the same time.

[50:43]Ervin:Of course, I agree.

[50:46]Adam Simon:Great. Now, that’s great.

[50:47]Sam:…that’s the most… so far.

[50:52]Adam Simon:Almost like a… that’s awesome. So is there anything else that you kind of want into that? People are kind of taking a back or stand off or having trouble getting started, they are understanding that you are….

[51:08]Sam:Honestly, in my viewpoint, like in our experience that we have been moderating. Sort of like I am trying to help as many people out in their group, is that a lot of people are just at loss as to what to say. I know hands-on provide scripts. They used phenomenal. Those are actually what I started off using. Some people, they are not even comfortable to say reading a premade script or something. They freeze when they are calling suppliers or recently I saw the post about the guy who rented a script and it cut in half and so he had to hang up on a supplier half way which I don’t want. I don’t want that to happen. So we try to like maybe rehearse with that. Call them, just try to, you know just work through all these hard things. I actually worked with a guy recently, Nick, he was having trouble with suppliers because he said that they have asked me how long I was in business and I just went… I couldn’t tell them that I was in business for longer than I have been business. So I told them I am doing a course and they will say, they said they will think about getting back, and I said, you don’t have to really… if you are feeling uncomfortable telling them something that you find that is like a little white lie or something, then don’t. Just tell them the truth. Go with your experiences. Whatever you have done in the past. Did you sell burgers? I don’t know. Did you upsell products? That’s sales experience so you can say you worked in sales. I mean some like that. I mean lot of people there are uncomfortable with saying that I have been in e-commerce for 5 years whatever, that’s fine. Nobody is expecting you to or they say, oh, I have a team when you really don’t. That’s fine. Nobody is expecting you to. You can say we have set in focus, is web design. I think that’s just as equivalent to saying that I have a web designer working on my store, I mean. You just have to really play to your strengths and you got to going in with empathy which I posted about yesterday. You really should empathize with what the supplier wants. I mean everyone knows what they want, but you are trying to build a relationship. You got to think from your end what does the supplier want and the supplier wants one thing, that’s a relationship, that’s a reliable reseller, and that’s money.

[53:29]Adam Simon:Yeah, and like I mentioned earlier, right? Mentioned earlier. Everybody wants more sales, but they also less headaches. So you have to keep that in mind. You got to have that mindset when you approach and hey, this is what I want and that’s the empathy there. Still, you got to figure out what that is and generally speaking you can approach a lot of people the same way because a lot of people want the same thing. They are human. So you got to talk to them as such. So was there anything else that you wanted to add like anything else you have run into recently, that was issues for Canadian drop shippers, either, doing business in Canada, doing business in U.S. and abroad.

[54:08]Ervin:If I may add something. Let’s take us that back to the supplier thing and calling suppliers. I would say just be real and true to yourself. I am not a big fan of scripts myself. My first job was in sales and I was reading off of script and it just sounded so robotic, and so I have learnt off of my failures about that. So right now, when I call suppliers, I just say, hey, you know, this is Ervin from XYZ company. I am interested in carrying your products on my store. I am curious what the process looks like to become a reseller or distributor for your brand, there is proper fit and then stop. And then just have a methodic or have them ask questions about myself, my business or sometimes they even, actually 90% of the time, they just go right straight to what’s your email. Send your application. Yeah. So it’s a lot easier and people can just get away from their heads, and actually calling the suppliers and not to over thinking about it. I think it would go lot smoother and a lot easier.

[55:16]Adam Simon:Great point, and like I said, you stop. You say what you need to and you stop. And that’s…. lot of times in sales too or just say conversations because if you talk too much, they will know you are over thinking and might reveal that you are less experienced or what have… you just say what you need to and stop, and let them talking. Like you said, maybe they will just ask for email and get the application. Maybe they’ll hold a different direction, but give them a chance to speaking and see where it goes from there.

[55:47]Gabriel:I find the same concepts and principles are applicable to when customers are calling you, like empathy and all that stuff. But I found it like really important to ask questions to the customers, like ask them what they need and really respond to what they need. Yeah.

[56:12]Adam Simon:Good, for sure.

[56:13]Sam:Yeah. It’s a marathon. It’s not a race. Right? So you play for the long game. If you have to forgo a sale now in order to build customer trust, in order to actually show them you are a standard company so that they can come back later on and say, these guys treated me nice. I think I am going to give my business to them. I mean sometimes it’s a matter of let go of us, if you don’t have what they are truly needing, instead of pushing them something that they don’t need. It’s a matter of letting go something now in order to have 20 sales later down the road.

[56:49]Adam Simon:Yeah, for sure. Good stuff. Let me see what else is come in. I think we’re good on the questions and I think we will pass our time anyway, but I just wanted to make sure there was nothing else across.

[56:12]Sam:Wait a minute. Something else I have come across recently that I have zero experience in, but I am very eager to see how far we can take it. I think it’s also a good step for our group which is. So we are really focused on helping Canadians drop ship outside of Canada to the U.S., but that leaves the obvious question. Of course, Canada has this scarcity that we found because it’s a bit not like Australia. Australia is an island. So suppliers actually have to be on the place, like in the island in order to sell within Australia. Canada has a very large land border with the states, largest in the world and as a consequence suppliers can just prefer to be on the U.S. stateside, but they are suppliers in Canada. There are distributors within Canada and it’s a very untapped market. Based on my research so far, what I found is percentage to percentage like the population to population basis, Canada has the population of the State of California, just about. But if you just really look at it on a number to number basis, more Canadians shop online than Americans do. I believe it’s about 11% of Americans that are shopping online as opposed to 12% of Canadians. So there is a really interesting feel that I have run across recently and I have found that few of our members…. actually drop ship within Canada. So really, looking forward to picking their brain on there. I think it’s something very interesting in the future, especially it’s drop shipping within the country because you have, you know, the potential for gold mine there, advertising cost being dirt cheap. I mean honestly Canadians are used to paying for shipping. I think that it’s time to bring in free shipping in Canada as well.

[58:43]Ervin:I have to absolutely agree with that. I am actually going to launch the Canadian expansion of my store this month and if I look on Google shopping, I don’t have any competition whatsoever. Nothing. So I am really excited about that and I am absolutely excited about crashing into the Canadian markets. And to top it off, like you said, no one offers free shipping in Canada. So if you can put that as a value add or even if you can make a coupon code so that people can actually feel like they are getting something for free, I think that’s an absolute win.

[59:15]Sam:You are going to be making like 12 sales like every hour I swear. That’s crazy. It’s absolutely insane.

[56:12]Adam Simon:Yeah, I might go to Canada. I might, I might. There is no competition, whatever. That sounds awesome. So give me filled in on that. I am definitely… I think everybody is interested that’s listening to it, that’s on this call. So in the sessions though, definitely. Was there anything else that you wanted to add to this. I ask that because there is few people on the call, so I just wanted to make sure again that you…. say anything. I think we are good. So think we are pretty good on the questions and everything like that. Someone that was asking if…. from Montreal. I guess that’s an easy question to answer.

[59:56]Sam:I see the latest question is someone asking would US suppliers do have a shipping for the Canadians, and the answer is that something… it’s supplier based independence on the supplier whether they offer to ship within Canada because we preferred to ship on their accounts. Secondly, it is something that we had to do as an option open. At least, in my experience, I had to because that’s the only way the CRA would actually give me business….. I told them that I am doing it within the States as what indeed a Canadian…. I told them that well if a Canadian have ordered, I have to ship it within the country. I am Canadian, I have to charge some taxes. So you have to leave that option open. You can definitely do it. I mean obviously, you don’t want to do free shipping to Canada from the States. It’s going to cost you a fortune. We here we generally just…

[60:45]Arie:It’s complicated with the whole duties and taxes to us as sellers and even the manufacturer could never give an exact amount. So it’s always going to be a surprise for the customer and I just think that the duties just ruins the total optimal experience for a customer. Nothing we could do about it, but if we could avoid it, why not.

[61:04]Sam:Like either transfer over to Canada or charge like a flat shipping rate of 40 or 50 bucks. I mean that’s the minimum you could do. But that’s why I am really excited to explore the whole drop shipping within Canada. I mean the dollar is weaker, but I think the population on the standard of the marketing here more than makes up for it.

[61:23]Arie:Like just that, you know, my daytime job is FedEx and I deliver a lot of these packages. So I know Canadians. Canadians are ordering like crazy.

[61:34]Sam:Ordering like all sorts of products.

[61:35]Arie:All, everything. Everything.

[61:37]Adam Simon:Yeah, and I just…. stuff through YouTube is to have some other Canadians from over there and I think I can attest to that those is like pretty pricey. I haven’t shift anything, so I haven’t been to a post office in a while. But I like that won’t be necessary, but I just came back from there before we spoke, and it is like 3-5 pounds. So it was like…. 50 bucks or something like that… So it was, you know, that it went from…

[62:07]Arie:… with the courier service.

[62:11]Adam Simon:They are pretty, they are pretty light. Aye, you can’t, you can’t. It just can’t be. So they are pretty, they are pretty rigid about that kind of stuff, unfortunately. I don’t think…

[62:21]Arie:The bottom line to the… it was always up to the supplier and I do have suppliers that send me… they don’t ship to Canada. So ask them, ask your supplier if you ship to Canada. It’s either yes or no and you respect their wishes. Simple as that.

[62:37]Adam Simon:Okay, good. So I think we are pretty good on the question. And then they gave a lot of time, so I appreciate it. Is there anything you want to say in closing thoughts, let’s go ahead.

[62:48]Ervin:As the last part, I want to add to the whole shipping to Canada thing.

[62:52]Adam Simon:Okay. Go ahead.

[62:53]Ervin:A new development that I am doing right now is I am working with a fulfillment partner who can actually calculate the exact shipping as well as customs fees that way when the package arrives at the customer’s door, they won’t be surprised about having to pay an extra cost for tax rates or duties. So I currently in talks with that fulfillment company. They are actually integrated with Shopify as well as called Yakit. They are pretty much new to this whole cross-border shipping thing. So from the U.S. to Canada, but I am exploring that group right now. They are currently in talks with my supplier. That way we can bring my supplier’s items across the border and have the customer already know at the time of checkout, how much they are paying for shipping, how much they are paying for customs. That way you want to receive a call five days after you… the item and ask why I am being charged for this surprise fee which I really didn’t expect. So, I will keep you guys posted on that, especially on the Canadian group as far as development goes and I do see us having something worked out by the new year for sure.

[64:08]Adam Simon:Great, great. So, yeah, thanks for everything you shared Ervin by the way. So it will be appreciated.

[64:13]Ervin:No problem.

[64:14]Adam Simon:Gabriel, any closing thoughts?

[64:11]Gabriel:Ah….va, va, va, va… I would say…

[64:20]Adam Simon:No, no. Say to the audience.

[64:23]Gabriel:No, man…

[64:24]Adam Simon:Just real.

[62:25]Arie:You have to say it in French. In French.

[64:27]Adam Simon:French?

[64:28]Arie:You have to do it in French, no? [laugh].

[64:31]Adam Simon:Just work really hard, man. It’s all about putting the efforts, the outputs ___ you just have to keep grinding, hustling, you know.

[64:42]Adam Simon:Yeah, for sure.

[62:11]Adam Simon:Yeah, yeah. Just put in some effort.

[64:46]Adam Simon:Do you want to do stuff that people want, like Arie driving seven hours to be… to be with you guys.

[64:52]Arie:Well, I had to come in, meet my partner, after all, you know. We have been on the pull for the last….. We haven’t even met yet. So…

[64:58]Adam Simon:Yeah. Well, not now. He is no longer mythological, right? He is real.

[65:02]Arie:Exactly yeah. [touches partner] He is real, yeah. Yeah, yeah. [laugh] I just want to say that…. they are going to take your hard earned money and you are going to invest in this course. Don’t give up. It works. People across the globe are successful and it’s all on your commitment. So if you in it, put money into the course, go all the way. Don’t stop at calling suppliers. Don’t stop at uploading products or don’t stop at this time to invest on advertising. You made the best investment in your life, was investing in yourself, and you didn’t do it just to make money because in the backend there was another goal with your life that you want to retain, whether it is location independence, being a digital nomad or traveling…. Whatever the case may be, there is a reason why. So go all the way. Be successful and join the rest of us. And if you are Canadian, join our group. Sam?

[65:59]Sam:Aha, ha.

[66:00]Adam Simon:Awesome.


[66:02]Sam:So right, just that. The final thing I want to add is that we had a very big issue with, like the amount of content we posted in the group. Again, with everything that happens in the group is that you can’t win every single post. So…

[66:21]Gabriel:You are too close for sure.

[66:25]Sam:For sure, if you want to access like our previous info, then we have put out. If you want to access everything else that we have talked about so far, you can go check at our website at dropshippingcanada.ca. If you are in the group, the same thing, you can always post. We are pretty much always there to answer these questions and…

[66:45]Arie:We encourage everyone…

[66:46]Sam:Yeah. We really encourage everyone to help out, like just talk and stuff and… I will say it’s very young. The group is still very young. I see it going a hundred different places just a year from now. So it’s… I really see exponential value for everyone within the group and I really think it’s organized community we have in Canada now more than ever. I think it’s gonna be huge, just down the road, around the world. Thailand, with the States, wherever Canadians are. I know that it has the potential because I have seen it happen with the Aussie groups and the Australian……. drop shippers to have the sort of just the commitment there. I also….. for Canadians and I really see a good promise and I will just stick with it. Just don’t give up man. Like I,… I want to just tear my hair up. Got back on. Start again. This one fails. I will tear my hair out. I will get me back on, start again.

[67:46]Adam Simon:Awesome. Yeah. Do you one of the failed lot of people, you know entrepreneurs that fail a bunch of times before they get their gold nugget… you find a gold nugget. So you got to keep on pushing. So that’s how I tell people, keep pushing.


[67:59]Adam Simon:Yeah, I know. That’s all great information. I really appreciate it guys and those that are watching hopefully to the end if you are not a Drop Ship Lifestyle member, I am going to link some information about a mini course, somewhere below that in the near future, so you can give more information. I would recommend like you know, and I will link some of the resources, the Canadian resources and everything in there.

[68:23]Arie:Thank you.

[68:23]Adam Simon:Possible, but just so you know everybody that stick at this opportunity or looking at drop shipping, that’s not part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, it’s going to be good to have the course, because these gentlemen I am talking to today, these four gentlemen already have the course and it’s good to have…. knowledge, so to make sure that you are at that point. so you can have those more intelligent conversations and be at a level that you can have those more meaningful conversations with everyone. So, just FY, just make sure that you are utilizing the information below. If you have any questions, after this video, make sure that you ask them whatever this video is supposed to and you have my ___69:00 that will try to get to me….. possibly be myself or one of the individuals that we are speaking with today. So, without further adieu, thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. It looks like we had some good time. We shared a lot of information on suppliers and taxes and mindset, lot of other things that I hope people……. Hopefully, this was helpful to the audience…… Thank you again. Nice. Ervin, Gabriel, Sam, and Arie.

[69:30]Ervin:Thank you for having us.

[69:31]Everybody:Thanks Adam. Appreciate it. Thank you definitely. This was great. Thanks.

[69:35]Adam Simon:

Thank you. Okay. We will talk soon. Everyone have a good ___ 69:39.

[parting wishes][End of video 0:69:45]

  • Anton Kraly says:

    Hey Everyone,

    As many of you already know I created Drop Ship Lifestyle after selling a network of eCommerce stores and then trying to find a community of other store owners to network with… What I found was a bunch of scammers who promised newbies they would get rich quick by following their push-button systems!

    This led me to create a new community along with an online training program that shares how to build a REAL online business.

    I’d love to hear what you think… it’s a 2.5-hour training designed to help you drop ship profitably… all for free.

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  • I recently tried to watch the webinar but didn’t have a great connection, so I had to leave the session. Is there any other way to access that information?

  • Just something to add about drop shipping from XXX to Canada… The De Minimis threshold is only 20$ in Canada. Meaning any order over 20$ coming into Canada will be subject to tax and duty. Compared to the USA were the De Minimis is 800$ You won’t have to deal with customer who are suprised to have to pay tax and duty at delivery.

  • Laurieann25 says:

    Im a Canadian dropshipper and find it extremely difficult. I have a very hard time finding anyone here that even knows what dropshipping is.

  • Hi there, Great content in this conversation thank you! Question for you, for a Canadian on a working visa within the USA, can you open a drop shipping company with the States? What happens when the visa expires. Can you transfer the business internationally? Would it be wiser to set it up as a Canadian business but work solely from the States?

    • Great question, Shelly!

      I don’t know anyone who has been in that situation, so I cannot provide any advice…

      but if I was you I would find an immigration attorney on Google and call them to ask. They’re typically more than happy to answer a few basic questions over the phone as they know it can and will lead to long term business 🙂

  • Maria Rivera says:

    This is in the member’s area isn’t?

  • Maria Rivera says:

    Someone should start up a group for the people in Australia! I would be happy to start something but I am honestly dealing with how to translate Anton’s model into applying it in Australia so I feel I dont have the confidence yet! but it’d be great to do something like this in Australia, I am sure we also have lots of people interested here!

    • Anton Kraly says:

      Hi Maria,
      We actually have a private group for our students in Australia 🙂
      There is a private section in our forum and also a mastermind group that we’ve created.
      Hope that helps!

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