How To Handle Dropshipping From Multiple Sellers

So you're just getting started with dropshipping and not only do you have a supplier, you have multiple suppliers.


But how do you handle shipping from both of them? And how do you explain it to your customers? 

I'll cover all of these questions below, so let's get right into it!

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An Example of Having Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers

So, you're shipping iPhones and Pixel phones (I wouldn't, but this is just an example).

The iPhones are shipping from Apple and the Pixel phones are shipping from Google. 

A customer orders one of each.

What happens? 

Exactly what you'd expect, the customer receives two different packages. Possibly on different days, possibly on the same day.

Is It An Issue for a Customer to Receive Multiple Packages at Different Times?

In 2021? No.

People have become accustomed to receiving multiple packages, sometimes on different days. Particularly thanks to huge marketplaces like Amazon or Ebay.

Here's an example from Best Buy. Suppose you were to buy one of each of these controllers.

shipping from multiple dropshipping suppliers

You'd receive once by May 29th and one by June 3rd and you likely wouldn't think anything of it. 

And part of the reason for this is that they have set customer expectations. They tell you when your items will be received. 

You may not be able to set such precise shipping times yet, but you can set clear expectations for them.

How To Set Appropriate Customer Expectations

Send Tracking Separately

The easiest way to make sure that customers understand when their packages will arrive is to make sure you're submitting tracking information separately. 

Don't send one tracking number for both items if they're not being shipped together. 

Shopify makes this simple for you. You can set your order as partially shipped when the first part of your order ships. 

Then, send the following tracking numbers separately as they come in. 

This way, your customers will receive confirmations as their items are shipped and will be expecting multiple packages. 

Use a Plugin to Specify Ship Times

Shopify has many Plugins that will make your life easier.

Try out a Plugin that will allow you to set Estimated Delivery Dates.

Then, set these dates on your products depending upon the item's supplier turnaround time. 

When your customer enters their zip code, it will provide them with the expected arrival date of the item. 

Still, make sure to send the tracking information for each product separately.

"What About Shipping Costs?"

This is another common question when shipping from multiple suppliers. Obviously, if your items aren't coming from the same place, they can't be consolidated into one shipment.

So you may end up spending more on shipping than you would otherwise.

But this is something you need to work into your pricing system. 

At Drop Ship Lifestyle, we always recommend that our students offer free shipping on every item and incorporate that cost into the price of the item.

Therefore, it doesn't matter if you're shipping 20 items from 20 different suppliers. Your expenses are covered.

Remember, Be Honest With Your Customers

Shipping from multiple suppliers is a topic that a lot of dropshippers overthink. 

Don't pretend your products are coming from you and you just have to check on them in the back room.

There's nothing wrong with dropshipping products and it's even something that most customers have come to expect.

The most important thing is that you're clear with your customers about when and how they'll receive their items. 

This will promote a healthy and honest relationship that will yield repeat customers for years to come.

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