8 Remarkable Stories To Uplift Your Spirits Today

In the midst of a global pandemic, it's difficult to feel optimistic.

But, we can’t forget that there is still good in the world. There is still plenty of beauty and there are still a lot of great people out there trying to help other people make it through this pandemic. 

I've compiled 8 positive stories below. They just might make you feel a little optimistic about the world. 

1. Woman Runs A Backyard Marathon To Raise Funds For COVID-19 Workers

At age 34, Anna Harding has run 8 marathons and 4 Ultra Marathons. However, her latest one took place in her own backyard outside of London. She did this to raise money for the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.  

She ran back and forth for 1971 laps

She only had a 35 foot section to run on, so each lap was roughly 70 feet. It took her just over 6 hours to cross the finish line, which her mother stretched across her path using toilet paper.

Unsurprisingly, Harding says the best part was finishing.

She focused on the front line workers risking their lives every day and hoped that her backyard marathon would encourage other people to stay home and do their part to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

You can check out Anna's story and more on The Running Channel on YouTube.

Anna during the marathon. Image provided by @anna_harding

2. Winn-Dixie Surprises Healthcare Workers With Free Groceries

Winn-Dixie supermarkets gifted first-responders and healthcare workers with free groceries in 7 states.

They were unaware that they would be receiving free groceries. Instead, they were informed after checkout that they owed $0.

The owners of Winn-Dixie, Southeastern Grocers, claimed that they were inspired by Tyler Perry. Perry paid for the groceries of elderly shoppers at 74 different grocery stores. He challenged them to give back as well. So, they decided to honor community heroes working on the front lines.

The grocery chain considers it to be a small way to thank first-responders and healthcare professionals for risking their lives to keep others safe.

You can read more here

3. 25% More Flamingos Flock To Mumbai Wetlands

Due to worldwide quarantine and shelter in place orders, we’ve seen several reports of animals enjoying spaces that are often crowded by humans. Some of these stories have been fabricated, others, like this one, are true.

25% more flamingos are flocking to Mumbai to enjoy local wetlands.

The Bombay Natural History Society credits this increase to the lower amount of human activity in the area. This has created an abundance of foraging land in the area.

Image taken by and used with permission from @GaryHershorn

4. Perfect Rainbow Shines In New York City

When it comes to the Coronavirus in the United States, New York City residents have suffered the most.

On April 13, a full rainbow appeared over the Hudson River, giving many who live there a glimmer of much-needed hope.

Photographer Gary Hershorn captured the stunning image above. The rainbow stretched from the top of One World Trade Center to the top of the Empire State Building as the sun set.

5. Children's Entertainer Spreads Positivity Remotely

Kids all over the world are struggling to adapt to their new “normal.” They're social distancing, completing school at home, and having plans cancelled until further notice. 

Charlotte Bredael, 18, from Gosforth, Newcastle, decided to step in and provide some much needed positivity. 

She runs a small business where she goes to children’s parties dressed as a Disney princess, primarily Rapunzel. Since many children won't be able to celebrate their birthdays with a party this year, Charlotte has started creating free personalized videos for any child who needs cheering up. 

She's quoted as saying: "I hope they just feel a little bit less upset... and it's nice to see when they're so excited and happy."

See more here from the BBC

6. Teens Help Deliver Groceries To Senior Citizens

COVID-19 puts senior citizens at a much higher risk of serious complications and death if they contract the virus.

Because of this, it forces Seniors to stay even more isolated. Many are at risk of not having access to necessary groceries and other items.

To help solve this problem, a high school student at San Marcos High School in Santa Barbara created a website called Zoomers To Boomers (which is a genius name).

It allows senior citizens in the Santa Barbara area to sign up for grocery delivery.

Not only does this service meet a huge need in the community, it also inspires people to check in on their elderly neighbors and friends during this isolating time.

Image taken by Blake Lindblad and provided by Zoomers to Boomers

7. Math Teacher Helps Student With Front Porch Tutoring

During COVID-19, teachers around the world are going above and beyond for their students.

Chris Waba, a teacher in South Dakota, decided to go even further to help a student who was struggling with their math assignment.

He brought his whiteboard to the student’s front porch to help explain it clearly. He spent about 15 minutes helping the student through their math assignments from the front porch. 

Here's the original tweet from the father of the student that shows Chris with his whiteboard on the porch.

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8. Mystery Mom Gives Away Free Lunches

Neighbors are trying to help one another in a variety of ways during the Coronavirus pandemic.

 A “mystery mom” in Severna Park, MD is doing it through free lunches.

Each day, a table in this neighborhood displays bagged lunches with a sign that reads, “For anyone who needs it: I will be leaving some healthy sack lunches on this table for you if you are hungry and need to eat. Made with love by a neighborhood mom in a clean and sanitized kitchen. I will leave this table up from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m."

It’s one neighbor’s way of putting some good and optimism back out into the world.

Wrapping-Up: There Are Still Reasons To Be Optimistic

Though it may be bleak, there are still amazing things happening every day. There are a lot of great people out there doing their best to make a difference in whatever way they can.

Remember to keep your chin up and keep working towards brighter days.

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