What Makes Drop Ship Lifestyle the Best Shopify Dropshipping Course?

With so many dropshipping courses and coaching programs out there, what makes Drop Ship Lifestyle different?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

It’s something we’re asked about often, in fact.

And while I know why we’re different than other dropshipping courses out there, I thought it’d be best to ask our community why.

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"What makes Drop Ship Lifestyle Such a Great Dropshipping Course?"

So last week in our private Facebook Group, I asked the question above about my dropshipping course. And I was blown away by the responses. A huge thank you to everybody that left a comment. This is really valuable and it means a lot to hear these things.

It’s great to see what our community sees, from their side looking in, and what makes Drop Ship Lifestyle unique to them. Take a peek at their responses below! (Click to expand)

A lot of what I’m going to talk about in today’s blog post comes from that thread. So let’s get into what makes us different from the other coaching programs out there.

1. Our System is Proven

Now the first thing is that, what we teach here at Drop Ship Lifestyle is actually a proven system. The Drop Ship Blueprint dropshipping course is seven modules that make up the foundation of the dropshipping training.

This is a system that I started 12 years ago in 2007, and I’ve been refining it since then. This isn’t something that I started three years ago. No, this dropshipping training has been 12 years in the making.

It’s not only proved to work by me, but this system has been proven to work by thousands and thousands of members of Drop Ship Lifestyle from all around the world.

It's not some rehashed information in this dropshipping course. It's not what I learned in somebody else's course and then quickly made a course of my own. No, this is something that is basically my entire eCommerce career, put together in a streamlined system.

2. Step-by-Step System

So speaking of that, the second thing that makes us different from other dropshipping courses is this really is a step-by-step system. You know, people say step-by-step. They say it's an A-to-Z training.

However you want to look at it, our training course takes you from finding what you want to sell, all the way through automating your store.

So every single step, going video by video, worksheet by worksheet, action by action, you're following along, doing what I tell you to do in the videos and if you do that, by the end guess what?

You're going to be ready to go with a store that is ready to launch with great suppliers, traffic, and everything in place if you follow the system.

Zero Fluff or Filler in Our Dropshipping Course

Now what you find in a lot of other programs out there is the presenter, the instructor, the teacher, whatever you want to call them, sometimes they ramble on. Sometimes they really don't know what they're talking about.

Right, surprise, surprise...

Maybe they are rehashing something they've learned somewhere else. So you're having all these little steps missed. Or they're telling you how to do it wrong. Or they're leaving out steps entirely because, guess what? They don't know the steps exist because they don't actually do them themselves.

So with our dropshipping course, there's none of that. There is no fluff. Nothing extra and in between, but also, nothing left out. So you're not sitting there with your hands up, thinking, “Well, why isn't this dropshipping course working for me? Or why doesn't my site look like that? or why didn't get approved with this supplier?

No, we have that all in there so you will be able to follow it. Again, call it step-by-step, call it A-to-Z. Call it what you want, but we're there for you every step of the way.

3. You are Never Alone

Now the third thing about our dropshipping course, right? Let's say you are going through our program at Drop Ship Lifestyle, and you feel like something's left out or you feel stuck. Well the third thing with Drop Ship Lifestyle that makes us different than other dropshipping courses, is that you are never alone.

These aren't my words, these are from one of our members, Ron. So I do appreciate that phrase because it’s not how I would think to say it.

I would say we have an amazing community along with our awesome dropshipping course. But the truth is with our community, you are never alone. And on that thread in Facebook, that was a huge recurring theme because we bring our members together, right?

If you're a part of Drop Ship Lifestyle, you'll be part of our Facebook group, you'll be part of our online forum. That is where you connect with our global community of people that are building their businesses.

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a Professional Community

Now what's good about our community? It is a professional community. Now does that mean corporate, suit-and-tie professional? No, it doesn't. It does means that when you're in there, you're there for a reason, right?

You're there to see what people are sharing, in terms of giving value. You're there to ask questions if you get stuck. You're there to learn from other people's questions if you see somebody ask something.

And the best part is there's no spam. There's so many different Facebook groups. Another member, Issac actually pointed this out. Where you might join a Facebook group about eCommerce or or how to start an online business, and you see all these people posting screenshots of their success. Then you're like, “Oh, cool you have any tips?” And then they send you a private message to try and sell you something. It's just this never ending cycle of people selling things to one another.

At Drop Ship Lifestyle, we weed that out from day one. Fortunately, there's only like a handful of people we've had to ban over the years. But if people do things like that, if they think they're going to come in and just be unprofessional and try to spam people, then yeah, we kick 'em out.

Connect Online– and Off

We don’t only connect online, we also get together in real life as well! We do live events every year. We've been doing them since 2013. This year will be our sixth annual retreat actually, We've done these events all around the world, Southeast Asia, Hawaii, Mexico, Bali, and this year in Prague.

So we don't just go online and have some chats and disappear. No, we actually meet up in person. That's optional, of course. But if you want to, you can have that real connection too.

We also do meetups. We did one in New York last year. There was just one in California. They've been in Australia. So again, a real community.

2017 drop ship lifestyle Retreat-11
location independent lifestyle
drop ship lifestyle meetup

What you often see with online dropshipping training programs or dropshipping courses, is people are just constantly making the next one. Or they kind of like pop up and then they disappear, or they burn out within a year. Then maybe they come back, then they're gone again, right?

That's not what kind of dropshipping course Drop Ship Lifestyle is.

This is a community that has been building and evolving over the years. And if you're part of it, again, you'll not just be connected online, but you'll be able to connect in real life. Not some fly-by-night thing, but really something that I see myself being a part of.

I see myself being here to help facilitate this for the better part of my lifetime. I don't see it slowing down anytime soon because I really do enjoy it.

4. We Give Honest Feedback

The next thing that makes Drop Ship Lifestyle different from the other dropshipping courses and programs, we give honest feedback. I really do think that's something that is needed in the world of online coaching.

When you are part of the Drop Ship Lifestyle dropshipping course and program, you have a few different functions in your Members Area. First, you have your online training where you can watch the video training. But, we also provide support for our members in a couple different ways...

We Will Validate Your Niche and Review Your Website and Help You Get the Best Results

One of them is niche selection. So when you have some niche ideas, we actually have a tool in our Members Area that you can go through You enter your information, and it gets sent to us. We will either validate it for you, or we'll say, “You know what? That's not a good one. You're going to want to try something else.

Same thing with web design. When you build your website, if you want us to take a look at it, we will. Send it in, we'll give you feedback. This isn't something like, “Hey, this is a bad niche. Now, you should buy this other thing from us and then we're going to help you.

We actually want you to succeed in our dropshipping course.

Again, surprise, surprise. A lot of online courses and coaching programs, they can care less about their success rate. Not us.

drop ship lifestyle

We Don’t Sugar-Coat Anything or Pretend That it Doesn’t Take Real Work to Build a Successful Business.

I want every single person that actually takes action with my dropshipping course to win.

So when you submit a niche idea, if it's bad, I'm going to tell you, or my team's going to tell you, “Hey, you know, maybe try this instead…” If you show us your website and it does not look good, we're going to tell you, “Hey, this X, Y, and Z really needs to be changed.”  Promise.

We don't sugarcoat anything. We're here to help you to succeed. Sometimes that means very honest feedback.

I'm sure as a business owner, or a potential business owner, you'll appreciate that. Because again, why put your time and effort into something that's not quite up to par if you want to succeed?

5. Our Dropshipping Course is Always Updated

Okay, so that's the fourth thing. Honest feedback from myself, from our community, from the team. So the fifth thing that makes our dropshipping course different is that Drop Ship Lifestyle is always updated.

I mentioned that we started this thing back in 2012. That was version one of Drop Ship Lifestyle. Right now, we are in version seven. Typically I update the course about once a year.  That is seven complete updates to everything since 2012.

There are Major Updates Every Year in Our Dropshipping Course, and Small Updates Happening All the Time

I update the entire program because guess what? Business changes, things change, so I have to update it. Then, throughout the year, if there's any small changes, I'll make those updates as well.

Also, I post videos to YouTube. I have a podcast. So you're never going get information that's dated and you're always going to know what's working now.

Again, that is a big thing that makes us different from other dropshipping course.

There’s so many people will make an online course or set up a coaching program and they'll have it there for a few years. They'll just be selling the same thing over and over. Of course, the problem with that is people aren't going to get results because business changes.

Everything We Teach in This Dropshipping Course is What Works Now

Whether you have a retail store or you have an online business, things evolve. If you don't evolve with it, your business will die.

So you're not getting an outdated model with Drop Ship Lifestyle. You're not getting things that don't work anymore. In reality, business will change, the way we contact suppliers, the way that we are getting unique images for our websites, we have some new ways of doing that, the way that we're getting reviews and displaying them, the things we're using for conversion optimization, the way we're driving traffic. Even the way we're communicating with customers changes.

Again, everything in business evolves at some point.  

Drop Ship Lifestyle evolves because we want to stay in business and when we do, we share that with you. And that is the thing that really stands out.

By the way, whichever version of Drop Ship Lifestyle you get, you do get all updates. So if you buy right now, and you enroll in version seven, guess what? When version eight comes out, you get it.

I don't know if it'll be this way forever, but at this point, when you enroll in Drop Ship Lifestyle, you are a member for life.

6. Voted “Best eCommerce Course” by Shopify

Now the sixth reason that Drop Ship Lifestyle is different than other dropshipping courses is we were voted “Best eCommerce Course” by the top guys in eCommerce: Shopify.

Now I'm not a huge fan of awards. I don't really put too much weight into a lot of them, but this is one that I really, really do appreciate.

Shopify has only done this one time. They have an annual event called Shopify Unite. Last year, there was an award for Best eCommerce Course. We won after being voted the best from their hand-picked group of judges.

It’s incredible that we won. We're officially the best eCommerce course according to the biggest eCommerce platform in the world.

shopify award

Shopify Recognized Us as the Best Because Our Students Get Results

Beyond that, Shopify also has a few courses that are “Shopify Approved”. Of course, we are one of those as well. That just all boils down to the fact that what we do does work.

Shopify can see that our students get success. Shopify can see that the people that we refer to them are actually people that are building real businesses– not trying to sell cheap crap and rip off customers. Instead, these people build something of value.

So because of that, we've had a great relationship with Shopify. And again, I hope that just continues to build over the years.

Our Core Values Make Us Who We Are

As you can see, Drop Ship Lifestyle is different than other dropshipping courses for several reasons. However, I do want to talk about core values because they are really important at our company, not just for me, but for our team and for the community.  

At the end of the day, I believe it’s our core values that really make us the best dropshipping course.

1. Entrepreneurial

Our first core value is that we're entrepreneurial. This should see if you're in line with what with do here. When I say we're entrepreneurial, we don't make excuses for not getting things done and we always find a way.

Entrepreneurs always find a way to figure things out. So, I want you to have that mindset if you want to work together and want to be part of this. Again, don't get stuck with something that might be simple and think that's it and you’re I'm done.

With our community, our team, and myself, we always find a solution. We figure it out, we get it done. Again, please have that mindset and if you do, you'll be a good fit for Drop Ship Lifestyle.

2. Passionate

The second core value is that we're passionate. You shouldn't be putting your time into anything you don't care about. Now to be specific, I'm not talking about the products that you want to sell…

If you want to do this and if you want to succeed, you should be passionate about building a business.

You should be passionate about learning this stuff. You should be passionate about logging into your Members Area. If you are, guess what. You're going to win. You're going to succeed.

3. Community

Next is community. You don't have to post in our communities online if you're part of them. In fact, most people are what I would call lurkers. Now I'm a lurker in most communities I'm in too. What that means is you're in there and you're just reading.

We do want you to be in there? That’s whether you’re just posting or just reading. It really will help you. We care about community. We obviously try to give back as much as possible by making new content, by answering questions, by updating the course.

Community is very important to us. The people that are there for the right reason. The people that are working together are people that you'd want to hang out with and grab a coffee or beer. Those are the type of people you're going to meet in our community. If that sounds like you, again, you'd probably be a good fit.

4. Authenticity

Our fourth and final core value is authenticity. This is something that we strive to be, you know, as perfect with as we can. Something obviously, we encourage our members to do as well.

No inflating numbers, no lying, no pretending you're something when you're not. It doesn't work. It maybe works short-term– you can get away with that for a little bit. However, that's when you become one of those companies that burns out. What would be considered a “fly-by-night company”.

If you want to be around for the long-term as a business owner then you need integrity. You need to be authentic and that is something that we strive to do our best at everyday. It’s something that we strongly try to share with you as well.

So if you share those four core values: entrepreneurial, passionate, community driven, and authentic, you would be a great fit for Drop Ship Lifestyle and our dropshipping course.

shopify dropshipping course

Wrapping Up What Makes Drop Ship Lifestyle Different

If you're reading this right now and you're on the fence on enrolling in the Drop Ship Lifestyle dropshipping course, if you haven't done so yet, I recommend seeking out all the free information you can from whatever thing you’re looking into.

My advice is that if you don't feel like you're getting value from the free stuff, if you feel like something's a little off or something's wrong with the free stuff, then guess what? It's going be amplified times a hundred once you actually give somebody your money.

Again, any teacher, instructor, creator, etc., if they have a worthwhile thing to share, you will get tremendous amount of value from their free stuff first. Which will also help you to see what style you like and who you resonate with most.

Only until you find the person or the company that you want to learn from, that's when it would be a good idea to make the investment, get enrolled, and get to work.

Now a big part of that is going back to the honest feedback. With Drop Ship Lifestyle, I'm not going to sugarcoat this, it is a real business. It does take real work. It's something you could definitely do in the evenings and on the weekends, but it's a business.

2018 Retreat Day

So if you want to learn my system, the system that I've shard with thousands of people from all over the world, if you want to actually get into this and build your own business, definitely go check our webinar.

That's a good starting point. You can learn a little bit more first and then decide if you want to get enrolled to the program or not.

Hope you did find this blog useful. Especially if you were on the fence, trying to figure out why you should learn from our dropshipping course here at Drop Ship Lifestyle. So hopefully this resonates with you on the reason why.

I really do appreciate everybody from our community that chimed in for this. Your answers meant A LOT. I know the whole team appreciated it as well. So thank you all for the support and reading this blog post.

Again, if you are watching it and you're not part of the Drop Ship Lifestyle dropshipping course yet, sign up for our webinar. I'll post the link below. That's the perfect starting point. If you're still on the fence, check out some of our Drop Ship Lifestyle reviews.

If you sound like the type of person that fits with our core values, I would love to work together and help to coach you to success. So go ahead and click that link and I will see you in Drop Ship Lifestyle!

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      The best place to get started is my free webinar.

      Here’s the link:

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      To your success!

  • Hey Everyone,

    As many of you already know I created Drop Ship Lifestyle after selling a network of eCommerce stores and then trying to find a community of other store owners to network with… What I found was a bunch of scammers who promised newbies they would get rich quick by following their push-button systems!

    This led me to create a new community along with an online training program that shares how to build a REAL online business.

    I’d love to hear what you think… it’s a 2.5-hour training designed to help you dropship profitably… all for free.

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