what to do when you feel like giving up

December 11, 2018

This post is for those of you that might feel like giving up or might have given up in the past. It was sparked by a conversation that I just had with one of our Drop Ship Lifestyle members.

This member had been seeing some success and getting some sales. However, they told me that they were ready to totally scrap their current drop shipping store and start over. They were ready to give up on their current niche and try something totally new. 

And the important advice I shared with him is want I want to share with you in this blog.

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What is it that makes you feel like giving up?

When people tell me that they want to give up on building their dream eCommerce store, most times it’s because they are struggling with one thing. Usually they say:

  • There’s too much competition,
  • I Can’t get approved with suppliers,
  • I Haven’t made any sales in the first months,
  • Or I just can’t get down paid traffic.

These aren't always things that pop up right away. People might be in the middle of building their drop shipping store, and have invested a month or so of their time when they hit a roadblock that makes them feel like giving up.

You go into this and start building a drop ship store with so much energy and enthusiasm, but when it doesn’t start to pay off you feel like giving up. 

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Attend my FREE training on how to drop ship profitable and I'll give you my list of 237 Profitable Product Ideas completely free!

Just because you’ve done all this work and had a terrible rejection from a supplier, or felt in over your head while creating a Google Ads account, it doesn’t mean you have to start over completely.

And I'll tell you nine out of ten times, when people tell me they want to give up, it's the wrong decision.

However, there are the rare cases where people didn’t follow the Blueprint, or do their eCommerce niche research correctly the first time. And if you’re that exception, maybe you’re right and you should start over. And it may sound harsh, but that’s fine because it’s true.

advice on giving up

I see that plenty of times. I tell them, "Yeah, you're right, you should start over.” But it's not because they did everything right, it's because they either are selling super inexpensive items or they're working in an industry where there's two suppliers or they're working in one where there's just no available traffic because it's too small.

Keep that in mind. If you did things right in the beginning, chances are everything else can work for you as well.

Before you give up, think about this...

If you’re at that point now, where you feel like giving up and shutting down your drop shipping dreams, do this. On a piece of paper, in your Apple Notes wherever, just write down everything you’ve done already. Things like:

  • Niche research
  • Set up a paid traffic campaign
  • Market research
  • Built an entire supplier list and found their contact info
  • Created a Shopify store and optimized for conversion

As you write your list out, you’ll realize you’ve put in all this time, effort, and energy into your store. What you’ve done is basically laid the groundwork necessary to start doing with actually matters.

And what actually matters is optimizing and testing what’s working and what’s not.

So the worst time to give up for most people is after they’ve done everything.

That’s the reason why I built the Drop Ship Blueprint in the order that I did. As you're going through each module, and you're completing the action tasks, you’re also checking things off and making sure you've done them correctly.

If you followed the Blueprint and put in the hard work, you’ve built that foundation.

From here, if you’re experiencing one of the common reasons people feel like giving up on their drop shipping businesses, it's because they find a ‘great’ niche but they discover there’s too much competition. Well, again, if you followed Module One and Two, then there's not. 

You might be panicking now because it's time for you to go live, it's time for you to turn on your Google Ads– it's time for you to actually do what business owners do which is get sales.

Don’t get stuck in a mental trap! If your mindset has shifted and you’re feeling anxious or scared, that’s fine, it’s normal. Not pushing through these feelings unfortunately is also normal. So just get past that.

Don’t get stuck in a mental trap. Get past it. Push through it.

Let's say you can't get approved with any suppliers and that's a reason you want to give up. Well, again, if you followed the Blueprint, you have at least 20 suppliers that you can reach out to.

The reason I set that target at 20 and not five is because guess what, when you're brand new, when you have no experience, they're not all going to approve you. So if you follow the Blueprint, you have at least 20 potential suppliers and you will be approved by enough to start getting traffic and to start getting sales.

And then as you build your eCommerce business with those suppliers, you can circle back to those that said no the first time and get approved with them on the next round.

But don't feel like a no means, “Oh, this supplier turned me down, that's it, it’s over, let's move on.” That's not long term thinking.

Remember, the Drop Ship Blueprint is all about building a sustainable, long term business and that means not everything happens overnight. So set realistic expectations as you get whatever suppliers you can get, then you'll circle back to the rest and not give up

Make it happen, work with what you have.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

That’s a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, and it’s one that I love. Basically it’s saying, use your resources and what’s at hand, and make the most out of it.

And that’s what entrepreneurs do.

Make what you can of what you have and it will build over time.

Giving up is never the answer

Now another thing that people might be experiencing, in fact, this was one of the conversations that I had with the member I was telling you about earlier. He was saying he's been getting traffic, and he's getting sales just not as many as he expected.                        

So I went in, I dove into his Google Analytics account and I was looking at his traffic. He had about 800 unique visitors to his website in a 30 day period.

Assuming there’s a 2% conversion rate on 800 people, that would be 16 sales! That means he had people buying, the check out process was working, and traffic was converting.

800 people is a small sample size to begin with but now it’s time to start looking at other things. I recommended that he start looking at

  • What people bought?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What keywords did they search for?
  • Why didn’t the rest of the 800 visitors buy?
  • Was it because the site doesn’t look good on mobile?
  • They were searching for things unrelated to your website but Google sent them to you anyways?

Any of those problems above can be easily resolved.

If your website doesn't look good on mobile, you could fix that. If Google's sending you traffic that's not related to your website, you can add negative keywords. If people are trying to place orders and your check out's broken, you can fix that too.

Also, if you’ve only had 800 visitors in 30 days, you can get more people by getting more traffic. So that's not a reason for him, or you, to give up on drop shipping.

For a lot of people the first thought is, “This isn't what I thought it was going to be, let me give up.”

When in reality, the position that you're in is actually an amazing one.

At that point, you've done the work, you've built the whole foundation of what you need. You now have data and if you're lucky enough, you're making sales. What you do with all of that is what matters.

Don't throw your hands up and think, “I'm not making a million bucks, this doesn't work!”

Instead think, “Oh okay, people are buying, why are they buying, and what are they buying? Why aren't they buying the other things that they're finding on my website?”

Then you optimize and over time, you grow your business.

So I don’t want to make it seem that just by making a few tweaks your store is going to go from nothing to the best store ever.

However, even if you built a drop shipping store and just totally bombed on it, if you did the research up front first, you can make it work and you can still be successful. And that's the point.

Just taking your store down at the first struggle and then trying another niche is never the answer. Unless of course you're that one person that didn't follow anything I teach in the Blueprint. If you followed the Blueprint, you can make it work.

What do you do when you feel like giving up?

So here are your options for people that are on the fence and feel like giving up.

Option A: Shut your store down, give up everything you’ve worked for, and start over.
Option B: Improving on what you have already done.

If you're feeling like giving up (Option A), think of it this way: if you've done everything wrong, could you make a few tweaks and get it to $1,000 net profit a month or $2,000 net profit a month?

If you feel stuck and want to give up, go back to the Blueprint, go through all the training you have access to as a member of Drop Ship Lifestyle.

If you still feel like you're doing things right but not getting results, go ahead and book yourself a coaching call, join a mastermind on the Fast Business Forum, post to the Facebook Group.

Do what you gotta do but the truth is giving up is (almost) never the answer. 

don't give up

Give up or improve the work you've already done?

I’m sure you’ve seen the above image before. For a lot of people, they are almost that close, not to internet riches, but turn around before they put the data and research they have to work.

So put it to use. Instead of starting over, focus on improving what you have. And that is the way you're gonna make this work. That is the way you will succeed and that's the way you're gonna have a highly profitable, semi-automated store.

Hope you found this useful. Again, please don't give up. If you really did just mess up the research process, just go back, watch Modules One and Two again, and you'll know if you should start over.

Though, most of the time, the answer is just dive deeper, work harder and force it to work based on data. That's what successful business owners do.

If you have any questions, as always leave a comment below!

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About the author 

Anton Kraly

Anton is a the Founder & CEO of Drop Ship Lifestyle - an online coaching program for eCommerce entrepreneurs. He began selling online in 2007 and has built and sold multiple seven-figure businesses while leveraging the power of drop shipping.

  • I would like to learn drop shipping online business

  • Hey Anton,

    Thanks for this.

    So I have a question. I picked the scuba diving niche and I built out everything, set up the website, emails, analytics, etc.

    But when I started calling suppliers, most of the suppliers that dominate the market work with only companies who have a physical warehouse.

    Some of them sent me forms to fill etc. but almost all of them had minimum order requirements, line of credit, previous business references and a need for a physical warehouse.

    I also realized that out of the competitor websites, there are no online ONLY stores.

    Should I change my niche and start over?

    Please help.

    • You’re welcome, Vishnu!

      Before changing your niche and starting over, be sure to go through the entire Drop Ship Blueprint (especially Module 2 and 4 on Market Research and Getting Drop Ship Suppliers).

      This will give you all of the information that you need to make sure you don’t waste time on niches (and suppliers) who require a physical location.

      Hope that helps!

      P.S. If you are not yet enrolled in Drop Ship Lifestyle (which includes the Drop Ship Blueprint), you can do so by clicking here.

  • Hi Anton, you mentioned, “…or felt in over your head while creating a Google Ads account,…”, I’m at the point where my Google Ads budget is expensive and it’s making me want to give up.

    I think you mentioned in your other blog post that we should start at $1000 for Google Ads, do you recommend continuing to spend $1000 per month on Google Ads?

    Since I’m on a tight budget, it’s even difficult to spend at least $300 per month on Google Ads. Your thoughts please?

  • John liuzza says:

    Is this Business similar to Kreative

  • Hey Everyone,

    As many of you already know I created Drop Ship Lifestyle after selling a network of eCommerce stores and then trying to find a community of other store owners to network with… What I found was a bunch of scammers who promised newbies they would get rich quick by following their push-button systems!

    This lead me to create a new community along with an online training program that shares how to build a REAL online business.

    I’d love to hear what you think… it’s a 2.5-hour training designed to help you drop ship profitably… all for free.

    Be sure to click here to check it out and send me your feedback!

    If you go through the “How To Start & Grow A Hyper-Profitable Online Store” webinar and still have questions just contact me and I will help you out.

    • Hey Anton. Thank you for what you are doing and God richly bless you. I have a question on how to factor in all my monthly cost into the price of my product so I can make profit. Factors like ads cost, Shopify subscription plan cost, Shopify apps cost, shipping cost, tax and all that can be part of my monthly cost. Thank you.

      • Thank you, Frank!

        Costs like shipping and tax are variable expenses (meaning you pay for them only when you make sales).

        Regarding ads, they are technically a variable expense but I would still budget $100 – $200/month when first starting out. While I cannot legally make any income claims, that should be enough to have you profitable within 30 days if you’re following my Drop Ship Lifestyle system.

        Regarding the fixed expenses like Shopify and apps, it will be less than $50/month so you can plan for that.

        Hope that helps!

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