The 20 Best Shopify Apps You Need for Your eCommerce Store

With over 6,100 apps in the Shopify App Store, there are tons of options to take your drop shipping store to the next level.

Having so many options can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you’re new to drop shipping. But without the right tools, your revenue and online business can’t grow. Clearly, with a wide range of Shopify apps, it can be tough to find ones that work best for drop shipping.

That’s why we’re updating this list of our favorite Shopify apps.

2022 Update Note: With our 2022 Update, we’ve added four must-have Shopify Apps (Shogun, Recart, Klaviyo, and Countdown Cart) that will help take your eCommerce store to a new level in impressing customers, creating interaction, boosting brand value, and setting you a step above your competitors!

20 of the Best Shopify Apps for Drop Shipping Stores

Below are the 20 best Shopify apps for drop shippers. If you want to make the most money from every visitor and customer, these are the apps you’ll want to install in your drop shipping store today.

1. Automatic Discount


Automatic Discount is a Shopify app that applies automatic discounts via LINKS, no more worrying about coupon codes. This app allows you to create all sorts of unique discount offers that can automatically be added to your customers’ carts.

There are both free and PRO plans available, plus a 7-day trial to test out the PRO plan yourself.

2. Compass


Compass is one of the best free Shopify apps for drop shipping stores. With this app, you can get easy and “actionable analytics” for Shopify. Compass helps you learn about your store’s strengths and weaknesses while identifying actions to drive revenue.

The reviews on this app are nearly perfect, and it’s one we love to recommend.

Editor Note: Compass has been discontinued. 

3. Bing Shopping


Bing Shopping is a Shopify app that lets you sell your products on the Bing Ad Network. With this free drop shipping app, you’ll be able to sell your products on Bing Search, Bing Shopping, Bing Image Search, and Bing Partner Sites

4. Consistent Cart & Activity Monitor


Consistent Cart & Activity Monitor is a Shopify app for eCommerce stores that keeps items in the cart for shoppers, from device to device. This real-time syncing across a shopper’s devices allow you to set up plenty of abandoned cart email campaigns boosting sales.

5. Feedly Facebook Product Feed Generator


Feedly’s Facebook Product Feed Generator is supported by Shopify’s Facebook Pixel integration and helps to dynamically create Facebook ads for all of your drop shipping items.

This app comes with a 14-day trial but costs $9.99 a month afterward. Considering this Shopify app automatically retargets customers on Facebook who didn’t buy, it’s usually worth the small investment.

6. Google Shopping Feed

Shopify removed their app that pulls your product feed and turned it into a sales channel. By doing this, Shopify kind of ruined the app itself. So far we have found the Google Shopping Feed to be the best replacement.

There are free options, and pricing tiers depending on the number of products published in your drop shipping store.

7. Live Search

Live Search is a Shopify app that displays live product suggestions to your customers while they’re searching in your store’s search box. This app will provide your store and its customers with convenient search suggestions to help them instantly find what they are looking for.

This eCommerce app comes with a five day trial and costs a measly $3.99/monthly after that.

8. Privy


Privy is a Shopify app that we are always recommending; it’s free and with 5 stars from 17,000+ reviews. Clearly we’re not the only ones that love this app for drop shipping! Easily use the app’s features to grow your email list with free and customizable pop-ups, exit intents, banners, and bulk coupons.

On top of all of that, this free Shopify app will sync up with your existing email marketing tools. Use code DROPSHIP for 20% off any paid plans for three months.

9. Product Reviews Addon


Made by Shopify, this free app is a must for any eCommerce store. With Product Reviews, you can add SEO-friendly product reviews to your drop shipping store to increase organic traffic and boost sales.

Additionally, this app provides a way for your customers to engage with your store and encourage sales from new visitors.

10. Social Autopilot


Use Social Autopilot to put your drop shipping store’s social media on autopilot. This free Shopify app automatically pins, tweets, or posts customized messages when new products or blogs are added.

11. Tidio Live Chat

The Tidio Live Chat app is a free chat for your website. There’s no logging in, signing up, and you’ll be able to integrate chat into your drop shipping store in minutes.

This is one of those Shopify apps that will easily increase sales with improved communication and a better understanding of your customers’ needs.

12. AfterShip


AfterShip is a Shopify app that gives your customers the ability to track their packages with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and 300+ other couriers. Your customers will automatically be sent tracking update emails every step of the package’s journey.

The best part of this free Shopify app is it will cut back on the number of customer emails you receive about order status, saving you time to focus on more important parts of your drop shipping business.

13. Turbo SEO – One Click JSON-LD


TurboSEO is a Shopify app that will improve your search engine click-through rate. This app is a one-click install, with no code required, that will improve your search engine listings by taking advantage of JSON-LD search presentation technology.

You can get this app by paying a one-time fee of $30, a great value that saves you a monthly reoccurring cost.

14. Product Upsell


Product Upsell is the most reviewed upsell and cross-selling app on the Shopify app market. Plans start at $9.99 and max out at $90 per month. However, there are flexible pricing tiers based on monthly traffic views.  

We recommend this app to offer upsells and promote upgrade products to customers based on cart content, total money in the cart, or even a combination of both! 

15. Hurrify


Reminding your audience that the clock is ticking or availability is running out, raises the urgency level and encourages leads to convert. One of the easiest ways to do this in your drop shipping store is to use the app Hurrify.

At $6.99, it’s one of the simplest ways to add create urgency on your sales pages.

16. Lucky Orange


Not everyone who visits your drop shipping store will convert, and with this paid Shopify app, you’ll be able to see why. Lucky Orange enables you to watch real recordings of visitors browsing your store to see why they didn’t convert.

With features such as heat maps and form analytics, this app eliminates the guesswork of optimizing your site. Sign up through this link for a free 30 day trial and 20% off any plan!

17. Shogun

shopify page builder app

Shogun is a paid page builder you can use to customize and make your Shopify store exactly how you want it to look. No coding required! You can easily customize your landing, blog, and product pages using the drag-and-drop builder.

Shogun includes a collection of 30+ professionally designed templates for landing, blog, and product pages. Making slight adjustments to get the perfect look is easy, with no need for 10+ plug-ins to get the presence and mood you want for your store!

This has become one of the most used Shopify apps for building a page that catches customers’ eyes and sets your brand apart. And for good reason! It’s easy to use, affordable, and impressive with the designs included to be implemented.

18. Recart

shopify app retargeting

A Shopify app that will help you generate more revenue by focusing on customers who abandoned their shopping carts! By contacting these customers using Messenger, emails, and push notifications, it brings any Abandoned Cart Campaign to a new level.

By using Messenger and push notifications, you will hit every step to generate the most extra income that eCommerce store owners are learning is a huge opportunity. Push notifications alone have around a 20% click rate!

Recart comes with impressive abandonment analytics and will help you learn how to reduce abandoned carts, along with ways to turn those carts into sales.

19. Klaviyo

shopify email app

This one-click Shopify integrated app gives you a way to recapture lost sales, get rid of the clutter of other apps, and makes having the results and analytics you need the most right in front of you.

Klaviyo includes pre-built email campaigns that make your email marketing efforts much easier. These include email campaigns for abandoned carts, a welcome series, and order follow-ups.

The features are built into Klaviyo and make integration into your Shopify store seamless and easy!

20. Countdown Cart

social proof shopify app

Creating a sense of urgency by using a countdown for your customers means increased revenue for you. This Shopify app from Beeketing is great for helping to drive your customer's actions by convincing them to buy before “time runs out!”

Along with a countdown for how long a deal you are running will be available, it also includes a “Stock Countdown.” This displays a limited number of items left which increases the urgency for customers to buy– and do it now!

Countdown Cart doesn’t leave it there. Countdown Cart also includes a “Social Proof” tool that attracts even more customers, showing them how many people are viewing an item in real-time.

It builds trust. It pushes urgency. It gets more revenue in your pocket!

Let us know in the comments what others apps you use for drop shipping that aren’t on the list!

What do you think of this list? Did your favorite Shopify app make the cut? With over 6,100 apps in the Shopify app store, we couldn’t cover them all.

  • Thanks,Anton!Any suggestions on Phone service or app where customers can call your store with questions and orders?

    • You’re welcome, Dan! We use and recommend MightyCall. If you use coupon code dropship when signing up you can save 50% for your first 3 months 🙂

      • Thanks ,Anton !I searched for it in the Shopify store ,but it says no results,instead Easy Call is the first that shows up and no results for MightyCall.

  • Rahul Arora says:

    Hi, that’s a great list of Shopify Apps. I would like to suggest few more awesome apps:
    SearchIQ ( – Search app that provides an enhanced search experience by delivering fast and accurate search results.
    Happy Email ( – Help to send a thank you email to new customers automatically after users sign up or make the first purchase.
    Facebook Shop ( – Allow to sell products directly on your Facebook page.
    Smart Social Login ( – Allow easy login with the existing social media accounts and create account on the store.

  • Neha Shah says:

    I’ve noticed that you have not mentioned currency switcher, This app is very useful to attract customers toward your site. Currency switcher will display the price in customers home country and save your customers.

    • Nice! Shopify also made an announcement at their Unite event that they are building this functionality into all stores this year 🙂

  • A lot of apps I don’t see here like kits, snapttt, Ali review, facebook messenger remarketing, mailchimp, wheelio, roi hunter..

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      Only if you want to be able to accept customers money 🙂
      But don’t worry about that. It’s really easy to get set up. You can use Shopify Payments and PayPal and be set up within 30 minutes or less!

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