How To Increase Shopify Sales (By Hiring The Right Way)

Having the right team to help you increase Shopify sales can boost your business exponentially, especially if you have a great one. But, bringing in new people can be one of the most complicated parts of growing your business. Most entrepreneurs struggle in this area. 

There’s a lot to handle: the whole hiring process, training, and constant managing. To help you with this, we’ll provide you with tips on how to hire and work with them the right way.

The Biggest Challenge of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs in the Hiring Process

Before anything else, you need to keep in mind that the goal here is to keep and work with them for a long time. One thing that makes this difficult to achieve is having “too much” or “too little” unrealistic expectations.

For instance, you expect too much in a way that you expect them to do everything for you – customer service, social media, paid traffic, bookkeeping, and more. Giving too much workload is the most common angle of having unrealistic expectations.

But, it can also go the other way. For example, you don’t expect much from your team members so you don’t give them enough workload.

Either way can lead to dissatisfaction and stress for your members, like feeling overwhelmed or bored. Specifically, having unrealistic expectations can have the following consequences:

  • Reduced work quality 
  • Losing respect
  • Team members aiming lower

  • Lower self-confidence

  • Higher turnover

You want to avoid all of these to ensure success and improvement in your Shopify total sales!

What I Recommend When Hiring Someone to Increase Shopify Sales


Do Their Work Alone Uninterrupted

This is the first phase. Before making a job post online and before hiring someone, do the work yourself first. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit and be at your computer for the whole day.

What you’ll do is perform the tasks that you plan to assign to someone you’ll hire. You’ll do these uninterrupted; with no distractions whatsoever. By doing so, you can determine what actually happens and how much workload the tasks for the whole 8-hour, 4-hour, or 2-hour shift are.

This way, you can compare the performance and results when you do the work and when somebody else does it. You’ll know if your new member is having a hard time achieving the numbers you made when you did the work.

Make a Google Doc

At the same time you’re doing the work alone, uninterrupted, make sure you document everything. For example, you’re doing work for a customer support position like live chat and emails. Make a Google document and write down what you’re doing.

Continuing with the example, while you’re doing the work alone, write down everything you have to deal with. What live chat queries did you receive? What are the questions? How many? How did you respond? If there are ticket emails, how many tickets are coming in?

Additionally, if anything comes up while doing the work that would be hard to explain through written communication, you can record it instead.

I use a tool called “Loom” as a plugin (you can download an app if you like) to record. It can record your computer screen, your webcam, and your microphone. Go through your work and try to explain as you record what you can’t write down on the Google doc.

Document anything that may be complex and put the video on Google Docs. This way, you have everything in one place.

After the uninterrupted work, make a list of the key performance indicators (KPIs) from the whole session or shift. Again with the live chat example, list how many tickets came in, and the time it took for you to respond to these tickets. List anything you want the person you’ll hire to be responsible for.

Let’s say you hire someone and you observe that it takes them 5 minutes to reply to live chats and it only brought one sale. With your documentation, you know how long it really should take. You can’t just continue asking yourself if it really takes that long to respond and if that’s enough sales to get for that length of time.

You need to have a baseline for these parameters to ensure growth, and that’s what the KPIs you listed will be for. Also, you need a baseline to ensure an increase in Shopify total sales.

To ensure an increase in Shopify sales, here are some Shopify KPIs you might want to take note of:

  • Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of store visitors who actually end up purchasing a product from you. A high conversion rate means you’re effectively converting your visitors into customers. 
  • Store Traffic: This indicates the number of visitors you get to your store. A high traffic volume means your store has good online visibility. 
  • Number of Orders: This is the number of orders placed on your Shopify store and can show you how well your store performs. 

Do The Work Together

After doing the work alone uninterrupted and documenting everything, you’ll surely go post a job offer online. If you want more information about the whole hiring process, you can check out Drop Ship Lifestyle’s Module 7. 

If you’re not a member yet, you can go to DSL’s webinar and get training or an offer if you want to enroll in our blueprint.

This is Phase 2 where you’ll work as a team. After hiring somebody, at least during their first day, do the work together. Do the work with them by setting up a Zoom call, sharing screens, and being there for them during their shift. Your purpose in being there is to guide them and show them how to do things.

As they’re doing their tasks and they get stuck, you can easily see where they get stuck. If they’re unsure of how to do something, showing and explaining it to them would be easier if you’re there.

Remember that doing work together doesn’t mean you’ll both actually do the tasks. What actually happens is that you let them take the lead but you’re there to guide and answer questions in case they get stuck.

This shows them that your expectations are possible and you’re not leaving everything up to them to spend their time trying to figure something out. You can do this session once, twice, or as many, as you like or you deem necessary to help transition your new member to their work.

Find Room For Improvement

After you’ve observed that they can do the job, you can leave them alone. But what I found to be helpful, every once in a while, is you talk to them and ask them to work together again. This time, you look for room for improvement and see how they’re doing.

You’re going to do everything again. But this time, you’re going to see if they have these changes:

  • Are they better than they were on their first day?
  • Have they figured out anything creative?
  • Are they finding room for improvement?
  • Are they beating the original baseline numbers you’ve set?

This is the time to determine where they’ve improved and whether there are still opportunities to improve. Allow them to show off where they are and then provide feedback on how they can do it better.

Increase Shopify Sales With An Effective Hiring Process

These are just some hiring tips for some parts of the whole hiring process but are all important to increase Shopify sales and realize growth opportunities. An effective method helps ensure that your new team member knows how to do the job correctly. And if your team works well together, your business will thrive and grow.

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